What They Found In This Liberal Teacher’s Classroom Is TOTALLY INSULTING!


We all know that the classroom is a safe space for students where they are supposed to learn the right knowledge, values, and morals.

Well, this is not the case for Alexander Hamilton High School. This is really making me so upset…

The Los Angeles Unified School District has issued a statement after photos emerged of controversial posters in a history classroom at Alexander Hamilton High School on the Westside.

The bottom of the poster read: “F— AmeriKKKa. This is native land.” Really? Is this what you wanted your students to learn?

Also, one of the posters included an apparent depiction of Christopher Columbus, alongside the words “settler colonialism, genocide, slavery, imperialism, war on drugs, Jim Crow, prison labor.

Another poster stated: “Policing is a violent, anti-Black, settler institution that originated as slave patrols. Their primary mandate is to protect property and to militarily enforce white supremacist capitalism.The bottom of that post read: “F— the police.”

The photo of the posters was shared on social media along with another photo that claimed to show several flags hanging on a wall in the same classroom. The flags represented Palestine, the Black Lives Matter movement, LGBTQ pride, and transgender pride.

Many have argued on Twitter that the photos were posted without the necessary context and could have been part of a student project or some similar school assignment. However, others saw a defined pattern of schools and academic institutions being the hub of leftist ideology.

Several schools and teachers across the US have been called out for allegedly imposing “liberal ideals” on pupils. Previously, California teacher Kristin Pitzen was heavily slammed online after her TikTok video bragging how she’s instructed students to swear allegiance to the LGBTQ+ flag went viral.

Newberg High’s Gail Grobey also made headlines for removing the American flag from her classroom in retaliation to the school district’s ban on pride and BLM flags. The LA high school is also under fire for fostering pro-BLM, pro-LGBTQ+, and anti-police sentiments.

I just hope these aren’t really happening in actual class sessions, these are just too bad images for a young innocent mind.

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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