What This Comedian Just Revealed About Woke Unemployment Rats Is Totally Perfect!


The Government will at least do its best to help its people suffering. However, woke Unemployment Rats are abusing the system, and they even have the guts to complain about the FREE benefits they’re receiving from the hard-working American taxes.

Recently, It was reported that Millions of people are poised to lose their unemployment benefits this weekend when federal pandemic-era policies will end.

Congress authorized a historic expansion of the country’s safety net for jobless individuals in March 2020 to manage the fallout of the Covid-fueled economic downturn.

Lawmakers twice extended those temporary expansions, which increased the number of people eligible for unemployment benefits and raised the amount of weekly aid for recipients, and absent of congressional action, that aid will lapse after Saturday or Sunday, depending on state administrative rules. Lawmakers seem unlikely to extend the policies for a third time given improvements in the economy and labor market in recent months.

If that happens, about 8.8 million Americans will lose their benefits entirely, according to an estimate from The Century Foundation, a progressive think tank.

Another 3 million or so will see their aid reduced by $300 a week, the group projects. The average person would get about $321 a week without the supplement, or about 38% of their pre-playoff wage, according to Labor Department data.

According to Till von Wachter, an economics professor at the University of California Los Angeles and director of the California Policy Lab has confirmed a statement that “We’re cutting benefits off when many, many individuals are still relying on them, This is sort of a recurring problem in American recessions. We ask politicians to come up with benefit programs, and they set to end and start dates and they’re set in advance and have nothing to do with how the economy is.

With that, many Americans are now starting to act up. Well, at least those able-bodied Americans should not participate in that act, that’s just way proof of how lazy and hypocritical they are.

A comedian has released a video mocking able-bodied Americans who collect unemployment aid.

Watch it here: Youtube/ John Crist

This is just too accurate and unfortunate. Wake up Americans!

Source: Daily Wire

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