What This NFL Legend Just Said About Vaccines Is TOTALLY Perfect!


Reporters taught Bill Belichick will play their “gotcha vaccine” game, and in a matter of minutes, Belichick sacked the NFL.

In fact, the Coach is pushing back…hard.

On Wednesday, Belichick said Newton’s vaccine status didn’t play into the team’s decision to release the veteran and install rookie Mac Jones as the starting quarterback. Belichick made it clear that “vax status” was not the reason for his release and then took it a step farther…

Here’s what Coach Belichick said:

“I would just point out that I don’t know what the number is — you guys can look it up, you have the access to a lot of information — but the number of players, coaches, and staff members that have been infected by COVID in this training camp who have been vaccinated is a pretty high number. So I wouldn’t lose sight of that.”

Later in the presser, a reporter rounded back to the question and Belichick refused to roll over.

“We have other players on the team who are not vaccinated, as I would say probably every other team in the league. And we’ve had minimal, but throughout the league, there’ve been a number of, quite a high number I would say, of players who have had the virus who have been vaccinated. So your implication that the vaccination solves every problem, I would say that has not been substantiated, based on what has transpired in training camp this year. That’s all.”

You can watch the video below:

Watch it here: Starr Cards/Youtube

Telling the truth is now “controversial.”

So, Belichick will probably be raked over the coals by the COVID CULT for talking in “facts,” not government-approved propaganda.

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