TOTAL FRAUD! EX-FBI Lawyer Admits To Lying Under Oath During the Russia Probe!


Is President Donald John Trump going to be vindicated through recent events? It certainly looks that way, even though we will only get crickets from the liberal mainstream media. That really is a shame, especially considering how hard this man has worked for our country. Yes, President Trump may have his faults, but its ridiculous how badly the liberal news media is demonizing him, especially when you consider that President Trump is hardly the first American world leader who hasn’t had a few faults. However, before I digress too much, here are the latest developments:

The Russia Probe: Now Being Scrutinized Itself!

First of all, it’s important to realize that Attorney General William Barr had originally begun this “probe into the probe”, so to speak, when he hired Connecticut U.S. attorney John Durham to look into the matter. Once Attorney General Barr authorized that this matter should be looked into, he and his associates discovered some rather unseemly things going on, and it wasn’t on the side of the Republicans like the Democrats might have hoped either.

The First Guilty Pleas

The very first guilty plea came from Kevin Clinesmith, who submitted his plea after admitting that he had altered some of the documentation in the emails. Essentially, he was pleading guilty to making a false statement while under oath. Clinesmith is actually the first person to plead guilty to making this false statement during this review of the Justice Department’s “investigation into the investigation” of whether the Trump campaign had any ties to Russia, Vladimir Putin, and the like. Attorney General William Barr has also made headlines simply because he appears to have a strong desire to not only get to the bottom of the investigation, but to also remain a tremendous asset to the Trump Administration.

What does this all mean?

Essentially, Kevin Clinesmith was part of a team that was responsible for preparing applications needed to keep surveillance on Trump campaign staffer Carter Page. However, he ended up having to plead guilty to one count of making false statements, simply because he decided to alter an email he received from another official who was involved in some of the internal decision-making regarding the investigation. Perhaps part of the reason that Clinesmith is now a FORMER FBI attorney would have something to do with the fact that his conduct was so appalling that it was even reported by inspector general Michael Horowitz last year. In fact, many individuals have termed Clinesmith’s actions as one of the most egregious examples of some of the widespread problems regarding how the FBI handled the Carter Page surveillance. Best case scenario is that we have a man in Mr. Clinesmith who has engaged in conduct that was clearly inappropriate. However, it goes even further than that, because now even he will admit that yes, it was also criminal. Is this a harbinger of things to come? It’s hard to tell at this juncture. But it doesn’t bode well for the Democrats. The news media should be all over this story, shouldn’t they? Well, survey says….Uh-Uh! They’re not. The liberal hacks in the media are too busy talking about how wonderful Sleepy Joe’s speech at the Democrat Convention was to even care that the Dems have been playing dirty politics all along! Time will tell, but this just might come back and bite them, big-time. I’ll see you at the polls, folks. Remember this story when that time comes.

2 thoughts on “TOTAL FRAUD! EX-FBI Lawyer Admits To Lying Under Oath During the Russia Probe!

  1. Now there is nothing new here this was published about 1 year ago, in the IG report, who also said that the infraction had no effect on the outcome of the FISA warrant because there was enough other evidence to support the FISA warrant. I think it just shows how desperate that the DOJ is to show that their year investigation into the FBIs actions in the 2026 Trump Campaign, that they did something, so they found something that was already available to them that the IG said was not worth the expense of prosecuting, because it effected nothing and costa great deal to prosecute.

  2. The point is, the lies by Donkey Party Administration members have been confirmed, and the media actually reported it too!!!
    Too bad the Donkey Party never had to admit to their lies about the Benghazi attack, though Hillary’s illegal use of her private cell phone, and Obama’s criminal complicity has been reported on, though she has never been prosecuted for it.
    The one thing is clear, unobstructed by investigations of the Justice Department, the Donkey Party, protected by the left wing media, would be operating on the corruption level of any south American or the Russian nation, and the Donkey Party electorate, America’s Democrats, would be just fine with it

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