You’ve Watched Him On TV For Years, But Now Alex Trebec Is In Trouble With The Law


Mild-mannered game show host Alex Trebec is in trouble with the law. A woman is claiming in a lawsuit that the television personality’s dog gave her quite a fright. According to the suit, Hanna Ketai alleges that Trebek’s “large black dog” appeared from an open gate at his Studio City, California home while she was walking her dog, The Wrap reports. Trebek’s dog allegedly chased Ketai “suddenly and without warning.”

The sudden scare caused her to scream and fall in the street, as an SUV approached her. An eyewitness was said to have rescued her from the oncoming vehicle while she was on her hands and knees, she said in a statement to the court.

Ketai is suing Trebek, saying that she’s endured “physical, mental and emotional pain, suffering, worry and anxiety” after the alleged dog attack. Additionally, she said that she “was injured in health, strength and activity, a portion of said injuries being permanent.”

Trebek has not commented on the lawsuit, but he’s not the only famous face to be sued for his dog’s actions. Filmmaker Martin Scorsese was sued in April by a woman who claimed that his dog bit her outside of his home in September 2015. Scorsese told the court he was not liable, noting that the woman was “culpable” in the incident.

Among the many people who weighed in with comments about the lawsuit filed against Trebek were those who didn’t believe the woman had much of a case. One commenter noted: “So if you walk up to my gate and my dog runs and barks at you, I can be sued for my dog ‘charging’ at you?? This will be thrown out.”

Another commenter agreed, writing: “Did the dog leave its property? Or just charge her? Unless it actually left the property, I don’t know how she’ll have a case.”

Others shared their own similar stories, with one woman noting what happened to her: “I had a worse then that happen to me concerning dogs. I was once bitten by a neighbor’s dog (neighbor was outside when it happened and saw it) when I was visibly pregnant just for walking on the sidewalk and she never even apologized. Never thought of suing but that neighbor doesn’t have my respect either.”

Other commenters, however, could see how this would be a traumatic experience, with one person noting: “If this is true, and I have no reason to doubt it, having a dog charge you is terribly frightening!”

Still, others remarked about how this may just be a money grab attempt, with jokes like, “I’ll take frivolous lawsuits for $1000, please.”

Among those who commented on the Daily Mail’s coverage of the story was one person who noted: “Gee, could it be because he is a TV personality? So lame,” while another person explained: “I used to have a large black dog, aka labrador, who chased several people by walking up to them to get pet. When you flail your arms and run screaming the dog then thinks that you are trying to play and happily follows you. Not saying that’s what happened with Trebek’s dog.”


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  1. It’s a money gram scheme and it’s that simple. Why didn’t she even approach Alex Trebek to tell him what happened to her? It’s clearly all about her making money at the expense of Alex Trebek. This man is fighting for his, life against pancreatic cancerIf and it’s a sure bet that his dog brings him a lot of comfort as all animals do but especially during these times for him. If there’s any justice still left in this Nation, her lawsuit will be thrown out.

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