What Tucker Carlson Just Said About Biden’s Gatekeeper Will End Her!


It was previously reported the issues with Southwest Airlines, as well as suggestions that “issues” might hit American Airlines, as well — a company whose pilots association has also spoken out against vaccine mandates.

Yesterday, two things went viral on the subject — a Gadsden flag hung out of a Southwest pilot’s window and a pilot speaking out against the mandates.

Both Southwest and their pilots’ association have denied that there is an organized employee demonstration in regard to the vaccine, despite reports to the contrary. The CEO there is “any evidence” that it’s related to the vaccine mandates, but at the same time said that, while he was against them, Joe Biden had mandated it for federal contractors — and major airlines are federal contractors. The Pilots Association has also made clear they are against the mandates — they’ve filed a court action against it.

And on Monday night during Tucker Carlson’s show, he told his audience that the flight cancellations at Southwest Air that happened over the weekend were due to a pilot shortage due to an unofficial walkout over the company’s vaccine policy.

And this is not just only a theory; in fact, Carlson has evidence that can prove the incident happened over the weekend as he spoke with a commercial pilot, Joshua Yoder, who is the co-founder of U.S. Freedom Flyers — a group standing against the mandates by Biden. He told Carlson that one of the points he made was the power that groups like pilots have if they choose to stand together against the government mandates.

Despite this, the Southwest Air CEO still insisted that the flight cancellations were not due to the Biden vaccine mandates on Tuesday.

And even Jen Psaki White House spokeswoman reacted to this and laughed at the idea that the cancellations were due to the Biden vaccine mandates.

Then tonight on his FOX News program Tucker Carlson doubled down and laughed at these liars who are purposefully hiding the truth from the American public.

Here’s what Tucker Carlson said:

“To say there is no evidence there is no evidence this is a direct result to standing up to Joe Biden’s mandates is a lie. And you know it’s a lie if you know anything about the company you run… Oh, it’s a government mandate. That would be the same government that is ignoring its own laws. It is ignoring federal immigration law and allowing the rest of the world into our country unchecked. That’s a violation of the law. The Biden administration is abetting illegal behavior… Lying, lying, lying… Over at the White House Biden’s top flack was doing what she does every day, lying, lying, lying…”

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