Wait, What? They Tried To Charge Him With A Felony Over A $0.43 Misunderstanding!


Crime rates have been going up ever since the liftest liberals have defunded the Police.

We are not able to solidify why these rates have been climbing, it’s pretty obvious because the police forces have been affected.

A few days ago, legislation was trashed in the city of Austin in Texas to hire more police officers, and boy, they were in a bad situation.

But speaking of crime, how bad could you be sentenced for accidentally under-paying 0.43 cents?

Joseph Victor Sobolewski, 38, of Duncannon, supposedly misinterpreted a soda sale sign at the Exxon located at 3298 Susquehanna Trail in Aug.

He saw the 20-ounce Mountain Dew sale sign reading:”2 for $3.”

Sobolewski explained that he assumed that the individual bottle was $1.50 after he saw a sign that advertised two 20-ounce Mountain Dew bottles for $3 so he only grabbed one bottle then paid $2 on the counter then walked out.

He was later on arrested and charged with a felony.

A judge ordered the man to be held on a $50,000 cash-only bond or face 7 years in prison.

Fortunately, The Perry County district attorney’s office dismissed a felony charge after his public defender was able to successfully argue the judgment call.

The reason behind the felony charge? A three-strikes law.

As Sobolewski had been charged with theft twice in the past 10 years — once for not paying for a tank of gas, and another time for stealing a pair of shoes — Pennsylvania’s three-strikes law required that a third theft charge has to be a felony, regardless of the cost of the products stolen.

This has been a bizarre incident but it abides by the law, yet the last strike is such a very arguable incident where he accidentally violated it.

Source: Deep State Rabbit Hole

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