They Asked Biden’s Chief The Truth, His Backpedaling Was LEGENDARY!


The Biden administration has really failed all of us when it comes to their transparency to the public.

Recently, more and more numbers of illegal aliens have been released to the United States and this is really concerning.

Not only that these aliens are taking advantage of our Government’s policies but also they might be virus carriers.

Remember when there were Afghan refugees taken to United States who are linked to ISIS, they are now living with us. Imagine the threat, right?

Now the COVID-19 surges again, are we able to handle the huge numbers of illegal aliens brought into our country? Also, these are unvaccinated persons.

The Biden regime is really making things more uncomfortable for almost everyone by giving inaccurate information, Dems lying, and more.

Recently, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas was repeatedly pressed by CNN’s Wolf Blitzer regarding the number of Haitian immigrants who have been released into the United States but it was pretty obvious that the Secretary is dodging the question.

Fox News has reported that the DHS has acknowledged that there are about 1,401 Haitian immigrants had been returned to Haiti on 12 flights while 3,206 remain in custody and 5,000 are left in the Del Rio Sector.

On the briefing, Blitzer asked Mayorkas, “What’s the situation right now? I understand the Department of Homeland Security says 1,400 Haitians have been deported. How many have actually been released here into the United States?”

Then this corrupt secretary has responded with, “Wolf, we have indeed removed approximately 1,400 people from the Del Rio sector. We accumulate our statistics on a monthly basis, and, of course, we’ll publish those as well. The individuals whom we release and place into immigration enforcement proceedings are those, for example, with acute medical conditions, specific vulnerabilities, or if our operational capacity so dictates.”

“It’s very important, Wolf, to underscore the fact that this is not a matter of immigration policy, but rather this is a matter of public health policy and we are applying the law pursuant to an order that the Centers for Disease Control issued in light of the fact that this country and the world is in the midst of a pandemic. We are exercising that authority, as we are required to do, to protect the health and well-being of the migrants themselves, our personnel, local communities, and the American public,” he added.

Blitzer pressed Mayorkas, “So, I take it, 1,400 have been sent back to Haiti. There’s a local organization helping migrants, say more than 1,000 have been released here into the United States. Is that right? Have a thousand Haitians been allowed to stay in the United States at least for now?”

Mayorkas only responded with, “Well, what we are doing is we are continuing to remove individuals,” Mayorkas dodged again. “We have moved people from Del Rio to other processing centers along the border, to ensure the safety and security of the individuals and to facilitate the removal process. Those individuals who are not able to remove by reason of their acute medical conditions, we place in immigration enforcement proceedings or address our operational capacities as need be. But we are very focused on applying the public health laws that we are obligated to enforce.”

With Blitzer’s persistence, he asked again, “So, can you give us a number, how many have been allowed to stay here in the United States, for whatever reason?”

Mayorkas stubbornly refused to answer, saying, “We believe it is a very small percentage of the total that assembled in Del Rio, Texas, and that will be removed.”

Can you imagine how inappropriate that answering is?

Somebody tell this bald man that we need answers.

Sources:  DailyWire, Fox News

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