Kamala Was Going To Go On The View, Then All Hell Broke Loose!


We know Joe’s dealing with the COVID-19 crisis is beyond horrific.

Joe Biden’s administration has failed multiple times already when it comes to their promises and mandates.

Recently, the number of new cases of the Covid results in America is much higher compared before… surprisingly these people belong to the vaccinated.

Remember when Biden told us that “this pandemic is an epidemic for the unvaccinated.” I lie he creates so people would rush in getting those vaccines.

But it turns out even you get vaxxed you can’t end this pandemic because you can still get COVID.

Wait, here’s another fact of what this joke president said, “But then, during a third exchange, Biden said that since the vaccines “cover” the highly transmissible Delta variant of the virus: “You’re not going to get Covid if you have these vaccinations.”

Is this another form of failure? We have been forced and ridiculed by this Biden administration to take the jab.. but for what? to get Covid? None of these makes sense.

The new cases are really odd since Old Joe Biden has told the country that if they got these vaccines, you wouldn’t catch COVID. False!

More and more pieces of evidence are coming out, even on a live show, “The View” where Kamala Harris was set to appear on the show but surprisingly for everyone, the two hosts Sunny Hostin and Ana Navarro have tested positive for covid, get the fact that these two are fully-vaccinated. Really? What are these vaccines are for anyway?

This is just another proof that the vaccine mandate is clearly a joke to be imposed as a requirement for travel or for work.

Another slap on Biden’s fallen legacy.

The world is already confusing and these Democratic cults are just making it worse.

Should we hear what’s Kamala harris’ results too?

God help us.

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