A Cop Pulled Over A Trucker For Illegal Use Of A Horn, Then He Dropped The Hammer On The Cop… [VIDEO]


After being stopped by an Illinois State Trooper for “unlawful use of horn,” a truck driver quickly turned on his phone’s video camera to record what happened next as he gave the officer an earful that the officer never saw coming. The interesting exchange between the two was then uploaded to YouTube.

So, before someone got hurt, Brian Miner a truck driver who enjoys watching out for people as he is on the all-too-often hazardous roadway, made the decision to take action; when he noticed a police officer speeding and using his cellphone while driving on a rain-slick road.

However, the officer in question did not appreciate his interference and decided to stop him, unfortunately for Miner. Though, the quick-witted trucker chose to record the encounter using the camera on his cell phone. Viewers were astonished to see how things turned out for a number of reasons, as he turned on the camera before confronting the police.

The Illinois State Trooper

Although the interaction between Brian Miner and the Illinois State Police trooper begins contentiously, it finishes very differently, with Miner not receiving the penalty he had been threatened with, and for good reason. Miner is informed by the trooper that he has been stopped for using his horn without permission as the trooper opens the cab door. But Miner had other plans, he probably expected the trucker to cower and apologize.

The two engage in a tense conversation, with Miner telling the Officer that he was honking at the trooper because he was on a cell phone while speeding, the officer first resists being called out, but Miner then drops the hammer and informs the trooper that he is being recorded, after the trooper tells Miner that he’s going to be ticketed.

However, the trooper’s actions then appear to have changed significantly after realizing he is being recorded. By the time the traffic stop was over, the trooper praised the truck driver for his concern and admitted he wasn’t paying attention. He also declined to issue Miner a ticket, claiming that doing so would damage his reputation.

Brian Miner

Laws that police personnel are responsible for upholding ought to be upheld by them. Even though his apparent change of heart only occurred after learning that he was being recorded, this cop is also receiving some unexpected praise for demonstrating compromise. As many people have praised the truck driver, stating that the man had every right to act as he did for the protection of his fellow motorists on the same highway.

One YouTube commenter wrote, addressing the truck driver:

“While it can be difficult to assert your rights, I must commend your tact and ability in the circumstances presented in this video. We live in a time when it is finally possible to regulate as citizens what we expect from a governing force.”

“Your steadfast nature, along with the officer’s legally mandated compliance, shows me that our system of law has promise beyond any arrows flung from fools quick to dismiss why we stand up for ourselves in the first place. Please never let that fire of yours fade, as it promises us all a brighter future,” he continued.

Watch the video below for more details:

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