This One 90 Second Video PROVES Joe Biden Needs To Be Gone!


Joe Biden is becoming a national embarrassment for the United States. I mean, just watch this 90 seconds video and then tell me you if don’t agree with me…

His fraud-ridden victory has caused a major riot on the Capitol earlier this year and it cost a life of an airforce veteran who really did nothing harmful but protest against Joe Biden’s fraud-ridden victory, then the shooter walks free and even armed again.

From that moment, we knew already that more horrific things would happen.

Previously, Biden has ridiculously declared that this pandemic is an epidemic for the unvaccinated. Seriously?

It was worldly recognized how Biden created chaos in Afghanistan. Millions of Afghan and American lives were at risk, 13 military men have been killed and Biden also failed to show sympathy to the family of the fallen soldiers.

This decision has been a result of his selfish and demented mind which his co-Dems think is okay. Seriously?

In this recent video of Joe Biden addressing the current happenings, he looked like a malfunctioning old rusty robot.

Clearly, these attendees are just clapping that he is done talking lies.

Joe Biden needs to step down and face a court-martial.

This president is really out of his mental health, the American lives are at risk of his careless border crisis handling, it was reported that more and more aliens are virus COVID and Measles carriers.

We need more GOP politicians to provoke this tormented President who thinks of himself a great leader, which is not.

Could things get any worse? It’s barely been 8 months and things are getting out of hand already.

Source: The Western Journal

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