He Tried To Attack General Flynn And It Backfired HORRIBLY!


They aren’t putting in their utmost effort.

One of the event’s speakers – a man who was supposedly supporting retired lieutenant general Michael Flynn’s reputation — scooped up and body-slammed a demonstrator at a right-wing meeting in Greenville, South Carolina. Before being body-slammed by a couple of Patriots, the snowflake proceeded to call General Flynn a traitor.

So that was his toast.

The event included former President Donald Trump’s first national security advisor, Michael Flynn, as the keynote speaker, as well as renowned First Amendment attorney Lin Wood.

The incident occurred after the “Rock The Red” conference, dubbed the “CPAC of the South.” This is a reference to the annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), which is hosted by the American Conservative Union (ACU).

In a video, Chad Caton, a local Horry County internet talk show personality, is shown corralling the protester and throwing him to the ground.

The incident occurred shortly after a protester grabbed a live microphone and began yelling at Flynn, who had just finished speaking to the crowd.

Before being approached by two people, the unidentified protester remarked, “General Flynn is the biggest scumbag traitor in the history of this country next to Donald Trump,”Caton arrives to assist these two individuals in removing the man’s microphone, but instead picks him up and slams him to the ground.

Caton, who reportedly receives disability checks from Horry county taxpayers for injuries caused during his job as a firefighter, is not actually disabled, according to reports.

According to Caton, he was attempting to protect Flynn by preventing the protester from conducting a “citizen’s arrest” of the retired general, who sparked outrage last month when he proposed that a Myanmar-style military coup should be staged in the United States.

Even though Flynn denied making such a comment, his statements were recorded on film.

“He was coming to arrest the general,” On Sunday afternoon, Caton stated, citing the text of a prepared speech that “was recovered on the floor” near the demonstrator after the takedown.

Caton said it wasn’t obvious whether the demonstrator was armed, but that he looked to be holding a “blackjack” club. Blackjack is a short, readily concealable leather grip with a weighted end designed to administer close-quartered strikes to individuals who are unfamiliar with the term.

“We have one of the most threatened people in the United States on stage,” Caton said. “I didn’t know what was in his hand and I wasn’t about to take that chance. All I did was react.”

This isn’t the first time Caton has found himself in hot water.

Caton allegedly spits in the face of retired Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agent Jim Furry following an event at The Dunes, an upscale golf and beach club in Myrtle Beach, S.C., as the news organization reported in April.

In conjunction with that event, Furry decided not to seek charges against Caton. It’s unclear whether criminal charges will be filed in conjunction with the takedown of “Rock the Red.”

The Greenville, South Carolina police department has jurisdiction over the Hilton Greenville Golf Resort and Conference Center, which is where the event will take place.

Following the incident, Greenville police were summoned to the conference center, although it is unclear whether anyone was arrested.

City police would be in charge of making any arrests, and the office of South Carolina’s thirteenth circuit solicitor Walt Wilkins would be in charge of pursuing any charges.

Pressley Stutts, a conservative activist who describes himself as an Upstate Tea Party leader, organizes the yearly “Rock the Red” event. Of course, Stutts has previously defied Tea Partiers by embracing some of the same establishment “Republicans” that he and his supporters claim to despise.

Watch it here: Youtube/Gateway Pundit

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