The MSM Was FORCED To Admit That It Was A Total Lie!


For months and months, the mainstream media said what amounted to some of the greatest lies known to man about Donald Trump.

Well, it looks like it has worked because as you read this, we are currently one day into our sentence of living under the Biden Administration. The next few years are going to be a nightmare for anyone with conservative values.

However, like someone admitting to a crime long after the statute of limitations has expired, it seems that the media is coming out of the woodwork and admitting to some of the things that they have been guilty of doing…

How many times did you hear people on the right warn that this media rumor that there were a bunch of crazy right-wingers who planned on starting to a civil war at the Capital buildings across all 50 states was a HOAX?

The Democrats need to get their projection in check.  Conservatives are not violent in our protests, nor are we filthy pigs who leave messes behind, we clean up our trash and leave the sites of our rallies better than how we found them.

Let’s not forget that it is the left who has been burning down cities, looting businesses, stopping traffic and shooting people in the head for wearing to drive down the street for the last 4 years, not Trump supports or those of us who revere the United States Constitution.

Well, the media/Democrats’ (is there really any difference anymore?) BS narrative that we had planned to shoot anyone.

Their potential false flag didn’t work.  Now we just need to pray that the establishment is not crazy enough to do something that they can then try to blame on us and declare us all terrorists …

Newsmax reported:

Law enforcement officers far outnumbered protesters at state capitol grounds on Sunday, as few Trump supporters who believe the president’s claim that he won the 2020 election turned out for what authorities feared could be violent demonstrations.

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