HUH? Antifa Attacks Portland’s Democratic Headquarters! [VIDEO]


One thing that you can always guarantee with liberals, is that they will always turn on each other.

They aren’t exactly the type that can organize their thoughts and agree on one battle plan. With conservatives, we may not always agree on what to have for lunch, but we at least agree that we need to eat.

If you have one group that wants Thing A, and another that wants Thing B, they all want to kill the people that want Thing C and vise versa. It’s pretty sad when you think about it.

President Donald Trump is gone but antifa lives on and even they hate Joe Biden. Antifa rioted in Portland again but that is okay because their riots are sanctioned by the Democratic party.

Will Nancy Pelosi request machine guns mounted on tanks to deal with them? Of course, she won’t. Any politician that equates MS-13 as having humanity within their soul must find antifa as saintlike.

As they marched through Portland they held up signs saying, “We don’t want Biden, we want revenge.”

They marched to the State Democratic HQ, when they began spray painting the building and breaking out the windows with umbrellas. Other signs had anti-Biden phrases on them as well.

This is a sign that Democrats will not be able to write them off like they did Greta Thunberg and David Hogg when they were done using them.

How will the Democrats deal with this problem of their own making. I would be willing to use the same tactics they called unconstitutional under Trump. They seem to thrive under hypocrisy. But, one thing you can be assured of is the Democrats will come up with a reason why it’s Trump fault, the same thing they will do when they crash the economy and open the border with a steady stream of illegals.

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1 thought on “HUH? Antifa Attacks Portland’s Democratic Headquarters! [VIDEO]

  1. Wake up folks. This is the beginning of the march to rid D.C. of Biden……… bring on Kamala. All part of the plan since the beginning.

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