Report Reveals Biden Knows He Is The New Jimmy Carter!


Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie said in an interview on “America’s Newsroom” Friday that Biden knows he’s a “one-term president” and that his $6 trillion budget plan will bring high inflation, deficits and unemployment. He also compared President Biden to former President Jimmy Carter.

CHRIS CHRISTIE: People can spend their money a heck of a lot better than the government can. We’ve seen that over and over again. 

But here’s the bigger point: It’s Joe Biden’s untruthfulness to the American people during his campaign for president. He didn’t campaign on spending the most money since World War II. He didn’t campaign on a six trillion-dollar budget. He campaigned on being a person who was going to bring both parties together and craft compromise. 

And he gets an ‘F’ for that in his first couple of months here as president. He’s not doing it. He has decided to go hard left. 

He knows he’s a one-term president. He wants to try to get some type of legacy for himself. And his legacy is going to be: He is going to be the next Jimmy Carter. Huge inflation, huge deficits, low economic growth, high unemployment. You watch, that’s what this kind of budget’s going to bring to the American people.

We’ve got to start talking about how this is destructive to the American economy that we helped to build when we were in charge of all parts of the government just five years ago. And this is the kind of thing that we need to be talking about and let the American people understand that every dollar the government spends is a dollar they can’t spend, or save for their future, or invest in their small business. 

That’s the kind of economy Joe Biden wants.

Who will take the blame for the disastrous policies set forth by a “president” who’s incapable of stringing two coherent sentences together? Will Americans ever discover the identities of the key figures working behind the scenes to destroy America?

Watch it here: Fox News

Sources: 100 Percent Fed Up, Fox News


2 thoughts on “Report Reveals Biden Knows He Is The New Jimmy Carter!

  1. Jimmy Carter had more class and cared more for America than this CCP criminal can ever do as he is on his last leg

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