Non-Woke Comic Creator Raised Millions For Non-Political Comic Books


New comic book publisher Rippaverse has received over $3 million for its debut project.

To provide non-woke consumers with the heroic entertainment they crave in the age of cancel culture, the new comic book publisher Rippaverse is delivering a new cast of heroes to the entertainment business without the “woke” makeovers previously seen from Marvel and DC Comics.

According to the Rippaverse website, the 96-page comic book is a collaboration between author and Rippaverse founder Eric July and illustrators Cliff Richards, Gabe Eltaeb, and Eric Weathers. The comic book has now earned just under $3 million, exceeding its initial goal of $100,000.

July and Eltaeb discuss the success of their newest comic in a recent show.

“What I wanted to do was be a part of the solution instead of griping about the problem, so I had the idea, it made sense financially, and it was the perfect time to do it,” July said about why he decided to start his independent comic book label. “This American comic book market is still kind of thirsty for this type of material. They’ve just been not getting it from the big two,” (presumably referring to DC and Marvel comics).

Colorist for ISOM #1, Gabe Eltaeb previously worked on a Superman series for DC Comics but left after “they made him woke.”

“Working on Isom with Eric has been amazing,” artist Gabe Abdul Eltaeb said. “Eric shares my ideals that we don’t want to be anti-woke and attack people. We want to be non-woke. We just want to give people classic superhero action.”

According to the Rippaverse website, Isom #1 “not only serves as the beginnings of a new character but also as a launching pad for what will inevitably be an ever-expanding comic book universe.”

“This comic book company was not created at random,” the Rippaverse website reads. “Our founder had been rooted in the culture of American comic books since he was a youngster and being a creative in the industry was always a dream of his. But the unfortunate state of the industry gave him the push that he needed to give it a shot. We’ve seen what works, and we’ve certainly seen what NOT to do. Rippaverse Comics is the product of a comic book guy that still believes the magic of the culture.”

“The American comic book industry has its issues, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a market. You just want awesome comics and a place to escape. Somebody has to bring it back to the essence. Why not us?”

Watch it here: Youtube/ YoungRippa59

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