He Killed Bin Laden, He Just Revealed America’s Biggest Threat!


To mark the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Robert O’Neill revealed the biggest threat America is facing now.

Robert O’Neill, the former member of the elite SEAL Team Six, said in an interview that despite growing concerns around a resurgence of radical Islamic terrorism, the U.S. has bigger vulnerabilities closer to home.

Here’s what O’Neill said according to Fox News, “My biggest concern is the division in this country, Most people are good to each other. But the anger and the division get the ratings, and that’s what people hear. A lot of people know if they keep people divided they can stay in power and it’s wrong.”

“We can disagree with each other but we’re on the same team when it all comes down to it,” he added.

“There were people running out of the towers to live, and there were policemen and firemen running up to die. And we have those people there and it’s very, very important to realize that and referencing backlash police precincts have received nationwide. Those are the good guys and they’re out there, and when the demons come, someone’s going to be there to defend you and America should realize that.”

Now we should all take his warning considering he is a hero who killed BinLaden, but his oat as a Navy to protect American lives.

“People do need to realize that, you know, as opposed to yelling at each other on social media – there’s an enemy out there that wants to kill all of us. And it doesn’t matter, really doesn’t matter, what you look like – it’s your ideology, You don’t believe what they think you should believe and they’re going to kill you.”

And the scariest thing he said is that “One of their sayings is, ‘The Americans have the clock, but we have the time, and warning against the threat of a future attack. “They’re going to adapt.”

Sources: Wayne Dupree, Fox News

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