This OnlyFans Model Has Broken Her Silence On Her World Famous Father…


A divided household…this is what Charlie Sheen’s daughter Sami suggested as she broke her silence over joining OnlyFans.

Charlie Sheen is still not a fan of his daughter Sami Sheen‘s new online venture with the subscription-based social media platform, which is often used to post nude or partially nude photos and videos at a premium price.

In fact, Sheen slammed his daughter Sami after she took to Instagram to promote her new account on OnlyFans, saying he ‘does not condone this’.

While out in Beverly Hills on July 14, the 18-year-old shared that although her father is still against her creating an OnlyFans account, her mother, Denise Richards, has been nothing but supportive.

“I’m super grateful, I have a supportive mom on my side,” Sami told TMZ, adding that the Two and a Half Men actor hasn’t particularly come around to the idea.

Sami first revealed to the public via a Twitter post that she had joined OnlyFans and was looking for people to subscribe to her racy content.

The tweet stated, “Tryna figure out how to send mass messages and enable tips on OnlyFans, can someone help me out?’ she wrote, adding: ‘Don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t already. I have a new post going up there on Wednesday.”

And Sami made a promise to her OnlyFans subscribers that she will post racy content to the website two or three times every week. That gives fans a lot to look at when it comes to Sami Sheen.

While it would seem that Sami, who is living with her mother, has the blessing of one parent it seems likely that father Charlie is against the idea, though he has accepted it’s not his decision to make and give her some advice on what to do.

Fans were very supportive of her decision to go onto OnlyFans and her choice to focus on body positive content, with many praising her and promising to support her in her new endeavor.

Along with creating content for OnlyFans, Sami has also appeared on TV for several shows including her father’s sitcom Two And A Half Men and her mother’s show Denise Richards: It’s Complicated.


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Nevertheless, Twitter flew into an uproar over Charlie’s disapproval of his daughter because he publicly had a meltdown back in 2011. Then, a few years later, in 2015, he revealed that he had been diagnosed with HIV back in May 2011, which might have contributed to his meltdown a little bit.

“Timeout… Charlie Sheen got a problem with his 18yr daughter on [Only Fans]?” a user wrote, asking if Sheen was “scared someone’s gonna treat his daughter like the women he’s abused over the years??”

Another Twitter user wrote, “Both parents have serious issues, but it’s probably the tiger blood that sent her down this route.”

Sources: AWM, TMZ

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