These Kids Pranked Sleepy Joe In Spectacular Fashion!


Seeing this photo for the first time, you won’t see anything wrong. I mean, it’s just a normal photo of Joe Biden posing with a group of children, and everyone is smiling.

But take a deeper look just for a few minutes, then you will finally “see” it, and for sure you’re gonna have a good laugh…

Biden ran into a group of very young, very clever Trump little supporters while he was in Shanksville, PA.

And poor old Joe didn’t stand a chance against this little motley crew. Joe posed with the kids for a photo, and what he may not have noticed was that the kids were all decked out in their Trump gear.

Besides the fact that Joe isn’t sniffing any of the children’s hair or whispering creepy things in their ears from behind, it appears to be a nice photo-op for creepy Joe. That is until you notice it. And then you laugh. And it’s a good, hearty laugh.

Just take a close look at the kid’s Hats and T-shirts… lol

Plus those devilish little smiles on their faces and the boys on the end are literally busting out laughing.

You made my day kids, Well done…

One little girl was wearing a red Trump hat. Another was wearing a Make America Great Again (MAGA) hat. Another little girl was wearing a Proud To Be An American t-shirt, which was the well-known theme song of Trump’s famous political rallies. And a young man was wearing an “I’ll Be Back” shirt with an emblem of Donald Trump as the Terminator. I’m sure Arnold Schwarzenegger would be blowing a gasket.

You can spot the Secret Service guys looking around all serious and such and before they are a group of children smiling, with the boys on the far end busting a gut laughing out loud.

Great job, kids!

Here’s an angle from the front.

Nonetheless, Joe took down his mask in front of the children, he either doesn’t believe kids can get sick with COVID-19 or he doesn’t really care all.

Here are some comments about the photo from the folks online:

“Holy crap, these little shits are the best trolls”

“They all have “shit-eating” grins”

“Gotta love those hats LOL”

“Is it sad that I was just looking for his hand to be inappropriately placed on a child?”

“81 mil votes and you couldn’t find one supporter for photo op”

“Yeah, I was expecting to be angered by creepy, inappropriate touching. Didn’t even notice the other stuff.”

“He wanted to sniff them but the hats were in the way”

“The hats and the shirt!!!!! Lol”

“Joe had no clue. the guy doesn’t even know what his wife looks like”

“great troll kids, you did us all proud”

I’ll tell you what, those kids have some amazing parents, that’s for sure.

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