A Florida Rep Is About To Get Every Biden Official ARRESTED!


America has never been so chaotic as we are now, people are divided and the current administration has gone even more woke.

And Biden’s administration was the reason for all this mess…

Despite Biden’s aim and call to get at least half of the Americans vaccinated, 100 million has not yet received their vaccinations, it may be because they already have natural antibodies, or because they don’t trust a vaccine that hasn’t been through long drug trials, or they just don’t really trust Biden and these are the same people that Joe Biden has declared “war” on.

While Biden is treating the Talibans with respect and fears, he’s talking tough to Americans. Something is not right here.

Below is the map that will show the list of all Red States that vow to fight back and that will not comply with Biden’s vaccine mandate:

And one of the America First Representative Rep Sabatini from Florida is calling for Biden’s federal officials arrested and prosecuted if they attempt to enforce mandates in his state.

According to Rep Anthony Sabatini in his fiery tweet: “Florida MUST call a special session to nullify Biden‘s vaccine mandates Any federal official attempting to impose them should be arrested on the spot and prosecuted under Florida law.”

Rep. Sabatini gets it.

It’s time to take the gloves off, politically speaking.

All of the conservatives who’ve wanted to take the “high road” and “turn the other cheek” when dealing with these communists because “that’s not who we are,” need to understand that your complacency has helped get us to this place we’re at now.

Sorry if that makes anyone mad, but it’s the painful truth.

We need to get in the gutter and fight these commies harder than they fight us, and do it every step of the way.

Giving into the left on nearly every issue under the sun has turned this country into an unrecognizable wasteland – it’s finally time to rise up and actually “conserve” something for once.

Source: Wayne Dupree

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