HUH? Woman Reached Into The Jaguar’s Cage And Somehow It’s The Jaguar’s Fault?


Be aware that this next story will definitely clue you in on just how desperate some people are to either be noticed or to simply just get their fifteen minutes of fame.

One woman in the Phoenix suburb of Litchfield Park exemplified this, and not in a good way either. She was at a zoo, and she climbed up through a barrier just so she could take a treacherous selfie with a jaguar! However, all of this woman’s efforts to get the picture of a lifetime were for not, simply because the jaguar did what jaguars do, which was lash out and attack her. Well, despite this woman’s extreme foolishness, there are some individuals who are calling for this big cat to be put down.

This particular incident occurred at the Wildlife World Zoo, Aquarium and Safari Park in Arizona. It was a very foolish act, and this woman has decided to remain anonymous to protect her from the inevitable social media onslaught that would happen to her because of this impulsive decision. She got just a little bit too close to the fence by the jaguar enclosure simply because of the fact that she wanted to get a superb selfie that she could share with her friends on social media.

Well, apparently the big cat had other ideas, and he reached through the fence and starting attacking the woman. The Rural Metro Fire Department had to respond because the woman’s arm was very badly hurt because of the actions of the jaguar. They rushed the woman to the hospital so that she could get treated. Fire department spokesman Shawn Gilleland said that the woman’s life wasn’t in danger, but the big cat definitely banged her up real good.

Even though this woman has chosen to remain anonymous, there are still some people out there who are calling for the jaguar to be put down. However, when you consider that even the woman herself realizes that this was a stupid move, it’s highly unlikely that they will go ahead and put the jaguar down. Indeed, the woman herself returned to the zoo and she apologized, admitting to them that her actions were terribly “foolish.”

There were even witnesses who admitted that what the woman did was a bad idea. She was trying to cross the barrier of the zoo, and then she was trying to get as close to jaguar as she possibly could. I don’t know if she was trying to take a selfie that would go viral on social media or what, but whatever it was, it backfired very badly for her.

Moreover, it was important to note that the animal actually behaved about as well as possible. He did not get out of his enclosure; he stayed put exactly where he was supposed to be. However, it was when the woman got too close that she made this jaguar uncomfortable and he was able to reach through the chains and scratch her arm.

The zoo is not planning on taking any action against this animal, in part because the woman egged the situation on. She actually was completely at fault for putting herself in this dangerous situation against this animal. Of course, there are many people who are demanding that the animal should get punished, but the zoo is holding their ground.

The incident went viral, and the zoo tweeted out a lengthy report, causing this young woman to get her fifteen minutes of fame anyway.

“The visitor ended up getting several non-life threatening injuries to her arm from one of the female jaguars. The family of the woman requested that we call the paramedics, but please understand that this animal was never out of her enclosure…we must always understand why barriers are designed the way they are. Our thoughts and prayers are with the woman and her family.”

The zoo tweeted out another report later on. “We promise you that nothing at all will happen to this jaguar. She is a wild animal, and we had proper barriers in place to keep each and every visitor safe.”

Instead, it was the “foolish” woman who had something happen to her, simply because she crossed the barriers and broke zoo rules. She endangered her life just because she wanted to be famous on social media!

Considering that these barriers were crossed, the zoo denied being culpable. Instead, they said that they are “sending prayers” to the woman and her family as she continues to recover from the jaguar attack.

To her credit, the woman also issued her own statement, saying that she “felt horrible that she caused the zoo to have such bad publicity.”


5 thoughts on “HUH? Woman Reached Into The Jaguar’s Cage And Somehow It’s The Jaguar’s Fault?

  1. Do not under any circumstances think that the behavior of animals in Disney movies is how they are in real life. This woman is very fortunate that the cat was well fed and so not hungry, and just annoyed by a foolish person getting in her space. It has always been in my experience that you should never approach any wild animal too closely. I worked for the DNR for 17 years and belonged to a hunt club as well so I am speaking from experience. This woman could have sustained major damage to her arm and is very lucky that the cat was just annoyed and not really pissed off.

  2. This is a WILD animal and wild animals don’t belong in zoos. They belong in the wild. If anyone wants to punish the one at fault, it was the woman who behaved very irrisponsibly, so put the woman down.

  3. Her extraordinarily dumb action makes me wonder about our system of government. Should we really allow everyone to vote, even if they climb through barriers to get close to a wild carnivore?

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