Chuck Grassley Just Admitted They Have Evidence To Go Forward!


This week, Senate Judiciary Committee member Chuck Grassley ripped Democrats and the media for framing him as a font of “Russian disinformation” for the two-plus years he has been speaking out about allegations against Hunter Biden.

During his interview with Jesse Watters Primetime on Monday, Grassley, R-Iowa, told Fox News host that he does not have enough information that Biden is “compromised” by China.

Grassley said:

“I only have enough evidence that that’s a legitimate question. I do not have evidence that goes as far as you’d like to have me say go.”

But Grassley noted that the evidence is compelling enough to question whether he is.

Watch it here: FoxNews/Youtube

Since 2019, Senators Grassley and Ron Johnson (R-WI)  have been investigating the financial affairs of the Bidens.

In fact, Grassley presented financial records that illustrate how the communist party regime moved millions of dollars through a Chinese energy company to companies owned by Hunter Biden and Joe Biden’s brother, James. This was revealed during the most recent presentation on the Senate floor. Available here.

Grassley advises in his statement:
Our report exposed extensive financial relationships between Hunter and James Biden and Chinese nationals connected to the communist regime.  More precisely, these were Chinese nationals connected to the Chinese Government’s military and intelligence services.
Also, Johnson has an equally unfavorable opinion about the Biden family improprieties, to put it generously. He believes Joe is compromised.
Watch it here: Fox News/Youtube
Makes a person wonder what else we’re going to find out in the coming months.

Sources: WLT, Grassley 

2 thoughts on “Chuck Grassley Just Admitted They Have Evidence To Go Forward!

  1. You either do or you don’t. Time to nail this Biden Crime family to the wall. Stop with the b–ls–t. Action——– present it to a grand jury or demand a special counsel be appointed.

  2. Whoop de doo!!! They have evidence that Biden and company may be corrupt! All the evidence in the world is useless unless it is aggressively acted upon. There is supposedly massive evidence of the voter fraud that handed the 2020 election to the Dems but no one will act upon it aggressively, all the have to do is deny it. We the people need to see some positive action, indictments, trials and significant sentencing.

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