HA! They Just Punked Biden Out In EPIC Fashion!


Ever since Joe took over the office, America is never been the same. From the most admirable and well-respected country in the entire world, with Joe in command, we now become the laughing stock.

We become the center of mockery in the entire world, all thanks to Biden’s regime.

And now, Biden can’t get the middle east to return his phone calls for help. In the mess, he created in the first place.

In fact, Saudi Arabia TV just did a skit ridiculing the Biden Administration, because they think Biden is a joke.

Here’s the clip from Saudi TV:

Well, the lack of respect for America’s chief executive officer is not limited to this skit.

According to the Wall Street Journal:

The White House unsuccessfully tried to arrange calls between President Biden and the de facto leaders of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates as the U.S. was working to build international support for Ukraine, and contain a surge in oil prices, said Middle East and U.S. officials.

Rather than turning America loose to generate more of her own energy again, Biden wants Saudi Arabia and the UAE to turn their spigots on. Those two won’t do so without certain conditions being met.

Reports from The Hill confirm:

Officials told the [WSJ] that U.S. relations with the two Gulf countries have been strained over the Biden administration’s lack of support in the war in Yemen and the revived negotiations concerning the Iran nuclear deal.

Saudi Arabia has also been pushing for legal immunity in the U.S. for Crown Prince Mohammed, who is accused of killing a journalist in 2018.

WLT noted that it’s never good for America to need help, particularly from Persian Gulf monarchies that won’t let our crises go to waste.

Sources: WLT, Wall Street Journal, The Hill

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  1. If there is a battle for America’s future it will be waged by the citizens of America. One shouldn’t expect any kind of future for America on the positive side just as long as Lying Corrupt Quid Pro KING Joe and the liberal commie Democrats are in charge.

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