ALERT: New Information Shows Soros Group Was Sharing Info With Baron Von Zuckerberg….


Newly acquired public records reveal that the Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC) and the Center for Election Innovation and Research (CEIR) have a more sinister connection than previously thought.

Public Interest Legal Foundation obtained emails that show Rhode Island Elections Director Rob Rock was “working with CEIR” “to facilitate the secure transfer of . . . ERIC member data” to this private, third-party organization run by ERIC founder and ex-board member David Becker.

On January 12, 2021, Rock sought clarification from ERIC executive director Shane Hamlin on sharing data with CEIR in an email titled “EBU Follow-Up Data Request.” These revelations establish a pattern with documents retrieved from Georgia.

A September 2020 email obtained via public records request by Verity Vote reveals a complex process wherein Georgia elections officials transmit data through ERIC to CEIR, generating a list of eligible-but-unregistered individuals to target with registration mailers (paid for by states). That list is then transmitted from CEIR back to ERIC, and finally on to the states.

ERIC’s value as a data aggregator for the activist Left is its ability to identify eligible-but-unregistered individuals who are key to their voter registration goals. Democratic strategists have spent hundreds of millions of dollars to transform America’s electorate by registering likely Democratic voters, including minorities, millennials, and single women.

ERIC’s access to personal information protected by federal privacy laws has made it the best bet to discover where these hard-to-reach individuals live. That’s probably why CEIR reports “limited direct lobbying of state government officials to encourage passage of legislation to permit membership in ERIC” in its latest IRS Form 990 disclosure.

Questions remain about which other organizations ERIC sends this information to, and which organizations CEIR passes it along to. Journalists and election integrity researchers have sought this crucial information for years, yet many in “progressive” media seem totally uninterested in asking these important questions. Worse, major liberal news outlets spread election disinformation by asserting that ERIC and CEIR have no connection whatsoever.

ERIC was formed to funnel election-winning voter data to leftist groups, helping to turn red states (like Georgia) purple. Yet many on the Left refuse to engage with the facts, preferring to ridicule skeptics as “far-right” conspiracy theorists.

The Washington Post says that claims of ERIC sharing voter data with CEIR are “without evidence,” ignoring the data-sharing agreements exposed by public records requests. The Post editorial board has railed against the “lies about ERIC [that] began bubbling up from the fever swamps” in recent years, chalking up the decision of two states—Louisiana and Alabama—to exit ERIC as a fiat from President Donald Trump to “bully elections officials.” Unmentioned were both states’ legitimate concerns about ERIC’s forced voter registration requirement, the misuse of residents’ personal information, Becker’s partisan past, and ERIC’s failure to compel members to tackle double-voting and voter fraud.

We know that in 2011 George Soros’s Foundation to Promote Open Society provided seed funding to Pew Charitable Trusts for the “voter registration modernization initiative” that ultimately became ERIC. This fact has never been disputed, yet the Post and Texas Tribune pretend that it’s merely “unfounded speculation.” More likely is that the liberal press no longer recognizes true investigative journalism.

Americans deserve answers to tough questions about ERIC’s origins and troubling ties to groups responsible for crafting the Left’s electoral strategy through mass voter registration. As the nation grapples with election integrity issues, it is crucial that the press join citizens in demanding transparency and equal application of the law.

Sources: 100PercentFedup, Restoration of America

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