Women Are Putting Toothpaste Down Their Pants For An Absolutely Insane Reason…


Another day, another story about people being warned by medical professionals not to put things not designed for genitals on/up their genitals.

The vagina can sometimes seem complicated, even to those of us who are personally equipped with one. A lot can be going on down there at any given time, guys. And don’t even get me started on the hormones that are associated with making all of this magic happen.

Because of this new trend, some women have taken it upon themselves to put toothpaste “down there” in hopes to tighten things up. Doctors are issuing a warning to all females that this is NOT a good idea and the idea that it will work is all a myth.

Vanessa Mackay, a spokesperson for the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists said:

“It is a myth that toothpaste will tighten the vagina.”

“Putting toothpaste into the vagina, or on the vulva, would not only be uncomfortable but it could also cause serious damage and disrupt the natural flora of the vagina leading to the potential for infections like bacterial vaginosis and thrush.”

According to AWM:

Social media user called ThisIsAVulva, which has more than 33,000 followers on Instagram, shared a post detailing the worrying effect of this trend. Below, we’ll share what they wrote, and you’ll be able to see why this is so worrying for all concerned – especially medical experts and the women who are using toothpaste where the sun doesn’t shine.

“One of my oldest, bestest, and most fabulous friends messaged me yesterday. After ten years with a coil fitted, she had to take it out four weeks ago. She’s currently having her first period in a decade, and her excitement and happiness around this made my period positively reach new levels (and I already really bloody love periods).

“She told me, ‘I am literally in awe of this period. I had honestly forgotten that my body could do this.’”

Most of the time toothpaste has scrubby, abrasive bits that can hurt the vaginal wall and make you prone to infections and pain. A medical doctor, Dr. Oluwole Yusuf, echoes the same expert opinion.

According to Daily Post, he told News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), that this obsession by women to have a tight vagina was unhealthy and using toothpaste was dangerous. The vagina is a self-cleaning organ and doesn’t require help.

“Toothpaste is caustic and too abrasive for a sensitive body part like the vagina and using such on it can destroy the organisms meant to protect the vagina from possible infections. When the vagina can no longer protect itself, the body is prone to infections which could later destroy the tubes and block the chances of getting pregnant,” Dr. Yusuf said.

While social media users were trying to share an uplifting story in support of women and the natural process, their bodies go through in order to bring life into the world. The fact remains – using toothpaste where you pee is just plain wrong.

Sources: AWM, Daily Post

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