ANTIFA Leaders Making Even More SICK Demands…Liberals SILENT!


By and large, if most people don’t like something they don’t partake in it.

There are flavors of ice cream that I don’t like, so I don’t buy them and if a Baskin Robbins was open near me I would just get another flavor. Liberals, on the other hand, are a different breed.

Put a liberal in my place, in the situation I just described. If they were in my shoes they would want to burn down the ice cream store for serving a flavor that they didn’t like instead of just getting something else.

Far-left activists surrounded Powell’s Books in Portland on Monday and demanded the store stop selling Unmasked: Inside Antifa’s Radical Plan to Destroy Democracy, a book about Antifa written by Andy Ngo. The protests forced the store to close early.

Powell’s announced that it would not carry the book in its physical store, though it will still be available for purchase online.

“This book will not be on our store shelves, and we will not promote it,” said Powell’s in a statement. “That said, it will remain in our online catalogue. We carry books that we find anywhere from simply distasteful or badly written, to execrable, as well as those that we treasure. We believe it is the work of bookselling to do so.”

Ngo, who has documented antifa’s tactics for various conservative news websites and was once attacked by the group, tweeted video footage of the protesters. One such protester claimed that disrupting the book’s dissemination was akin to “stopping the historical publication of Hitler’s Mein Kampf.” These people are mentally ill.

Powell’s noted that the store is committed to free speech, and previously received “credible bomb threats” for selling books by Salman Rushdie, whose 1988 book The Satanic Verses made the author a target of Islamic extremists:

“There are books in our stores and online inventory that contain ideas that run counter to our company’s and our employees’ values of safety, equality, and justice. However, many of us also read these books to inform ourselves about events; learn about local and global history; and to understand the arguments of people and groups with whom we disagree.”

“While we understand that our decision to carry such books upsets some customers and staff members, we do not want to create an echo chamber of preapproved voices and ideas. It is not our mission or inclination to decide to whom our customers should listen.”

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2 thoughts on “ANTIFA Leaders Making Even More SICK Demands…Liberals SILENT!

  1. ANTIFA , ironic them mentioning Mein Kamfp , isn’t this how Adolf Hitler himself got started ? Suppressing free speech , censorship , deciding what could be printed and what could be read . Wonder what they will want next ? Everyone will have to do their reading via comic books ?

  2. Antifa trading their conical headgear and white robes for the black balaclava.
    The old Democrat Community/Alinsky Organizers, KKK, OWS, Antifa, Black Panthers, BLM, DNC, LGBTQ+ ,ISIS, etc., They never fail to maintain their image, do they?

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