Democrats Are Trying To Scrub This Video From The Internet! [VIDEO]


It seems that Democrats have a pretty short memory when it comes to pointing the finger at Trump supporters.

If they knocked over an old lady on Monday and a Trump supporter did it on accident on Tuesday, they would totally forget about the time they did it…and likely on purpose.

They are talking about what happened at the Capitol as if it is something unprecedented. It’s not, in fact…they are the ones that set the precedent.

But like all crimes committed by Democrats, they are going out of their way to act like it never happened.

As Mr. Peabody would say, “Sherman, set the Wayback machine to January 20, 2017.” Let’s take a look at the important event in human history which was the last “peaceful transition of power” between administrations before the collapse of America.

Make some popcorn, this is one video that Democrats most certainly do not want you to watch now.

The riots in DC earlier this month during the special session of Congress were nothing compared to the day Donald Trump took the oath of office. One of the reasons that Democrats insist on ripping down statues and generally erasing history is they don’t want you to remember the way things used to be.

Some say that’s one of the reasons that Covid-19 was tailored to attack old folks. Some of them remember not only what life is like before television and cell phones but they can read, write, think for themselves and remember a time when America was great enough to fight and die for.

On January 6, a relatively small invading force of barbarians, possibly orchestrated by Deep State elements of the left, were allowed to enter the Capitol Building, wander around, read Nancy Pelosi’s emails, and walk off with one of her laptops. Way back in 2017, the riots were a whole lot more violent. Trump supporters were attacked by Democrats as they exited restaurants and the news was full of images like a blazing limo.

This month, nobody burned any vehicles. Not a single business was looted, as happened coast-to-coast all summer long. Liberal Democrats like Nancy Pelosi and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are whipping their followers into believing it was the “most violence seen in this country since the Civil War.” The car dealers in Kenosha disagree with the liberal claims.

Democrats go screaming for a safe space and a can of Play-Doh every time a cow farts. It’s no surprise the liberal elite scream bloody murder over a little inconvenience. They also refuse to even consider that the barbarian invasion might have been an inside job.

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  1. It is “by accident or on purpose” On accident makes no sense what so ever and is a condemnation of our public school system and it ranks right up there with using “like” in in every sentence.

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