There Is A Danger Lurking In Stores All Over America That Nobody Realized….


A Michigan father grabbed his camera after spotting something unsettling at his neighborhood Target shop in an effort to alert others. All of America needs to hear the anguished father’s warning about what will soon be available in stores.

Human trafficking rings have become an alarming issue in Michigan, according to one Michigan man. As WLNS 6 reported, women and children are disappearing at an alarming rate, with dozens of human trafficking cases reported in Michigan alone each year, and unfortunately, Michigan is not alone in experiencing this issue.

A man who Nahar Ali claims is not himself describes how his family was at Target when his wife and daughter were on the verge of becoming victims of the human trafficking networks that afflict his state, in a video that Ali posted to Facebook. The dad filmed his alert while he sat tensely in his car in the Target parking lot late at night, as he discussed the distressing reality that’s being ignored; letting others know what had happened to his wife and youngest daughter.

In a video posted by Nahar Ali, an unnamed husband and father makes an urgent alert

He claims that he is sitting at Target, looking for a group of people who nearly kidnapped his family and that he posted his warning on social media in the hopes that it would prevent someone else from being taken. He talks about the horrible experience his wife and youngest daughter experienced when they were unexpectedly surrounded by three cars in the Target parking lot after the two of them had gone shopping together, in an effort to spread awareness.

Believing that these people are actively scouting the area for new victims, the worried family man states that he goes back to the parking lot every few evenings to keep an eye out for the gang of cars that surrounded his wife.

“This human trafficking thing has become very common for women and children shopping at grocery stores, department stores, anything of that matter,” he said.

He claims thatThis is a real thing going on in Michigan.” Adding that a detective he knows “could tell you stories that would keep you up at night if you have a wife or children,” he then warns, “We are the number 2 state for human trafficking, and it is happening all over. I don’t care where you live, how safe you feel, I don’t care about any of that. You better hear me when I tell you.”

Human Trafficking Is Happening At Stores All Across America

The man in the video said that spotting suspicious cars sitting in the back of store parking lots is rather typical as these criminals search for their next victim to grab.  He continues, “It’s weird, it’s gut-wrenching.”

He asks rhetorically, “Who are you looking for, sitting out there in the dark? ” speaking of the people who are suspiciously waiting in the back of parking lots late at night for a great length of time.

He goes on to say that he is grateful that two women had the awareness to sit and watch after exiting Target that evening after realizing something wasn’t right and getting into a car close to his wife. He said, “I could’ve lost my wife and my child to this situation.”

Pointing out that “these stories are popping up so frequently,” we must “understand that we all need to be talking about this.” He said,There’s so much going on in this country right now, and everybody wants to fight with everybody. Here’s something we can all stand behind.”

Before adding that it’s crucial for individuals, especially women, to have a way to protect themselves in public, he cautions viewers to “watch when your family goes out at night, keep an eye on your children, keep an eye on your wife,”

“If she’s able to carry a gun, great. Mace, a knife, something.”

“These vehicles are parked suspiciously in different parking lots all over. These stories are popping up left and right. Be vigilant, keep your eyes peeled, look around for people,” he warns, saying that regardless of where they go, he recommends that women avoid shopping at night.

“Keep your eyes peeled when you’re leaving because you never know if that person could use an extra set of eyes in their situation,” he says, cautioning his male viewers to be on the lookout for mothers who may be leaving the store with their young children while they are shopping.

They are making it their mission to catch the men who were prowling Target that night while also warning and, hopefully, saving others from meeting the fate his wife and daughter narrowly escaped. He says that since the night she was nearly abducted, his wife “can hardly sleep, thinking about this situation.”

“This is something that needs to be talked about a lot more. The media loves to cover all the hatred in the world right now, but they don’t want to talk a lot about kids and people being taken, and how much this stuff is happening, and the price tags that are on people’s heads,” he urges.

He ends his heartfelt appeal by warning people to pay heed because it may happen to anyone, at any time, anywhere. Saying;

They are taking people and they are willing to risk anything to do it. They’re fearless. I wish they would have the live security video of what happened to my wife, and you could see how fearless these three cars were that surrounded her and how serious this situation is.”

Adding, “I hope some of you do the same. Got to start looking out for people. We got to start caring more. We’re so busy wanting to fight over the dumbest crap in this world, we need to care about the real threats going on, and this is real. Taking women and taking children is real,”

The family man vows, “So help me, if I ever see your wife or your kids in trouble, I’ll take action.”  Saying he hopes that people begin to talk about stuff like this so we can shut it down.

Don’t wait to raise awareness until you find yourself or someone you love on the receiving end of this problem — by then, it could be too late. So, it’s time to start the conversation, and sharing his warning is a good place to begin. As experts claim that human trafficking is “the fastest growing crime, not only in the world but also here in America.”

Watch the video below for more details:

Sources: TapHaps,  WLNS 6, WJTV

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