Even MORE Americans Have DIED From COVID Vaccine!


When it comes to putting something into your body, you have to be very careful about it. You want to know that what you are ingesting is going to be safe.

Think of this…when McDonald’s wants to invent a new sauce for a burger or something like that, they go through years of testing it out before they decide that they are even going to get it out to test markets.

It takes five times as much testing to make sure a nugget sauce tastes right as it did to invent a vaccine. Kinda makes you think doesn’t it…

A year after it emerged, COVID-19 has now claimed more than 2 million lives worldwide. Experts have said for much of the last year that the only way to escape the coronavirus‘ grasp is through widespread vaccination. Weapons to win that war have been and continue to be approved by individual countries’ drug regulators in record time.

Dr. Fauci told CBS News in November that the bottom line is simple: “We need to get as many people as possible vaccinated.”

But is the vaccine safe? And is it okay in  for Americans to question the wisdom of the all powerful Oz  Dr. Fauci?

According to Epoch Times– Fifty-five people in the United States have died after receiving a COVID-19 vaccine, according to reports submitted to a federal system.

Deaths have occurred among people receiving both the Moderna and the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccines, according to the reports.

The reporting system, the VaccineAdverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), is a federal database. The system is passive, meaning reports aren’t automatically collected and must be filed. VAERS reports can be filed by anyone, including health care providers, patients, or family members.

VAERS reports “often lack details and sometimes can have information that contains errors,” according to the reporting system’s website. Still, reports on VAERS represent “only a small fraction of actual adverse events,” the site states, though underreporting is believed to be less common for serious events.

In some cases, patients died within days of receiving a COVID-19 vaccine.

One man, a 66-year-old senior home resident in Colorado, was sleepy and stayed in bed a day after getting Moderna’s vaccine. Early the next morning, on Christmas Day, the resident “was observed in bed lying still, pale, eyes half open and foam coming from mouth and unresponsive,” the VAERS report states. “He was not breathing and with no pulse.”

In another case, a 93-year-old South Dakota man was injected with the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine on Jan. 4 around 11 a.m. About two hours later, he said he was tired and couldn’t continue with the physical therapy he was doing any longer. He was taken back to his room, where he said his legs felt heavy. Soon after, he stopped breathing. A nurse declared a do-not-resuscitate order.

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