Why He Was FORCED To ARREST His Daughter Is Totally Heartbreaking!


A Florida deputy does not meth around when it comes to narcotics, even when his daughter is involved.

A Florida sheriff known for cracking down on illegal drugs went through something he said he wouldn’t wish upon his worst enemy. Franklin County Sheriff A.J. Smith had to arrest his own daughter on suspicion of trafficking meth.

Smith has a reputation for cracking down on methamphetamine trafficking in Franklin County, and the sheriff’s office wields the slogan, “We don’t meth around” online.

On Monday, April 18, deputies conducted a “controlled buy” involving Smith’s 38-year-old daughter, Kristen Kent of Apalachicola who was accused of trafficking methamphetamine.

Smith’s deputies first arrested a different woman who was accused of methamphetamine trafficking.

Smith told reporters, according to WJHG-TV:

“As a result of a more long-term investigation, we arrested a couple of ladies and one of them happened to be my daughter for trafficking methamphetamine.”

But when deputies asked the woman who she got the drugs from, Smith heard his daughter’s name.

“My daughter?” Smith asked.

 “Yes sir,” Smith said the woman answered.

Kent was arrested and charged with trafficking methamphetamine of 14 grams or over, drug equipment possession or use, and cocaine possession, according to the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office online booking records.

Smith wrote on Facebook two days after his daughter’s arrest:

“When you work in law enforcement, do not take things personally, There will be many challenging situations that you will face and you must rise above.”

But even though Smith is no stranger to the dangers of meth, this case “hit him in the face,” he said.

Smith told the television station:

“You think I like seeing my child in an orange jumpsuit in a jail cell? Of course not.” 

“It’s heartbreaking, the last person you ever want to arrest is one of your family members, especially your child. I mean, it’s like you can’t even put it into words, I don’t think it’s anything you wish on your worst enemy to do something like this.”

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