He Refused To Let A Truck Merge, And Paid A VERY Expensive Price For It…


One thing that really gets under people’s skin is when drivers are rude on the road. It’s like some folks don’t know how to be kind when they get behind the wheel. They’re always trying to cut people off and get ahead of others, even if it’s just by a little bit. It’s pretty funny when you think about it, because they go through all this trouble just to get one car ahead or to save a few seconds.

When traffic gets really backed up and lanes have to merge, that’s when things can get especially nasty. People start fighting for space and trying to get ahead of each other, instead of just being neighborly and sharing the road. The video we’re about to show you is a perfect example of this. In the video, you’ll see instant karma come into play and give a rude driver a taste of his own medicine.

The video was captured by a driver with a dashboard camera who was stuck in traffic. A pickup truck was trying to merge into the right lane in front of the camera car, but a Corvette driver decided to block him. The Corvette driver was trying to be tough and show off his car’s power, but he was really just being stubborn and rude.

Not only did the Corvette driver refuse to let the truck merge, he even flipped him off. The truck driver had had enough and decided to fight back in his own way. He revved up his engine, which caused a lot of smoke to pour out and envelop the Corvette.

When the smoke cleared, the driver with the dashboard camera was laughing. He felt like the Corvette driver got exactly what he deserved. The incident took place in Tacoma, Washington, on a cloudy day in June. Both cars had Washington license plates.

The driver who filmed the incident uploaded the video to YouTube and gave a description of what happened.

“I was driving through traffic near Seattle and noticed a Corvette not wanting to let a Dodge merge over into the lane, so the Dodge pulled beside him. As the Corvette driving was rolling down his window and went to flip him off, the Dodge owner coaled him with so much smoke you couldn’t even see the driver in the car. He did end up letting the truck over.”

WATCH the video below:

Source: AWM



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