VP Biden visit to Israel January 13, 2014

Right After Lifting The Lid, SLEEPY JOE Put The Lid Back On!


You can always tell if someone is too tired to deal with other people. When I would get home from deployments when I was in the military, I would try to spend a lot of time by myself in order to clear my head.

After a day or so, I would be back to my old self again, ready to take on the world.

Which begs the question, what is going on with Joe Biden that he feels the need to constantly go back down in the basement over and over. I mean, if you are this close to the election you should go out and talk as much as possible right?

With a little over a week to go before Election Day, the actions of President Donald Trump and his opponent, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, have given Americans the clearest picture yet of the two candidates yet.

On Friday, Trump knocked it out of the park by brokering a normalized relationship between Sudan and Israel.

The move follows several other home runs that saw the embattled Jewish nation establish diplomatic ties with other Arab states: The United Arab Emirates and Bahrain.

Only one day after Trump brokered the peace between Sudan and Israel, Biden called a surprise lid on all activities.

Following a similar decision last week, where Biden canceled events for four straight days leading up to the final presidential debate, it doesn’t paint a picture of a dedicated and able leader.

And according to New York Times reporter Katie Glueck, Biden had no plans for events for most of Sunday.

To be fair, strengthening peace in the Middle East is a tough act to follow.

Biden’s canceled day comes amid mounting questions around his mental health and whether he and his family members cashed in on his former position as vice president.

A trove of documents seemingly exposing Hunter Biden, son of the presidential candidate, have been released piecemeal over the last week.

Emails and other data appear to show the junior Biden’s rotten business deals, some of which saw strategic U.S. manufacturing capability sold off to the People’s Republic of China.

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