While Rome Is Burning, Biden Is Threatening Nursing Home Staff!


Instead of giving moral support to Nursing Homes amidst this pandemic, President Joe Biden is threatening them instead!

What a true display of the character of POTUS showing off to Nursing Home Staffs. Forcing them to take the vaccine shot, or lose their Federal funding!

Turning nursing homes into a Covid Patient facility is already as inhumanely as possible, now the POTUS is focusing to achieve an atrociously high death count in an effort to sully Donald Trump’s handling of the Wuhan virus.

Well, Democrats suddenly cared more about nursing home residents and now demanding those facility staff to put their own health concerns aside for the alleged greater good of their patients. Make sense? I personally don’t think so. Why?

Because recently the Biden Administration’s coercion effort, they have announced that they will require all nursing home staff to be vaccinated in exchange to continue receiving federal Medicare and Medicaid funding. Now, how about that?

It was a confirmed policy unveiled on Wednesday afternoon in a White House address as the administration continues to look for ways to use mandates to encourage vaccine holdouts to get shots.

The new mandate, in the form of a forthcoming regulation to be issued by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, could take effect as soon as next month.

Newsweek posted a tweet video with a caption that reads, “Biden Orders All Nursing Homes Staff To Get COVID Vaccine To Receive Federal Funds.”

The Biden Administration had been forcing millions of federal workers to verify their vaccination status or face burdensome new requirements. While his iron-fisted edicts have called for even harsher requirements for federal workers in frontline health roles, and his administration is intent on mandating vaccines for all military personnel as soon as next month. That is insane!

While our Government is lead by power-hungry tyrants, Americans are still taxed, first fruits of their labor, using confiscated funds to control people’s lives, and now they give threat against the funds where they are supposedly be used. That is really inappropriate!

Well, let’s not also forget how Dr. Anthony Fauci is imposing these boosters. Oh my God.

Source: 100 Percent FedUp

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