Sleepy Joe Is Absolutely Ready To Lock Himself In The Basement!


Reports made by OANN reporter Jack Posobiec were said to be true according to the rumors that are now circulating on Twitter.

The rumors said that Posobiec has the best connection from the White House which is the main source of his reports.

And his latest one now seems no different.

According to Posobiec’s source, Joe Biden couldn’t get to sleep well at the White House and was on schedule to go back to Delaware, Biden’s home state.

Joe can no longer handle the stress and now traveling back home to unwind. Well, this is no longer new to us. We all knew that from the very beginning that he’s clearly a sick old man.

And now news broke that Biden was heading to Delaware. Imagine, he’s going into another vacation while things in Afghanistan rage out of control.

Take note, Biden just came back from his recent vacation at Camp David, and now he’s on a new plan for a new set of trips outside the White House.

There’s no doubt that Biden is weary, and in way over his head.

Below is Jack’s tweet and the WMAL News tweet announcing Biden’s return to Delaware.

Here are some comments from the people online:

“Hope he wrote his resignation letter while he’s there. bum” 

“25 Amendment/Resignation about due”

“Hasn’t been sleeping well? The President needs no sleep. Available 24 hours/ day. The phone goes directly to voice mail, we’re doomed.”

“Trump never slept, but hey, no mean tweets, right?” 

“He should try some Mike Lindell pillows. He’ll sleep like a baby.”

“what?!?! so he is taking ANOTHER “break”? Now of all times?! Alright, this is pathetic.”

“The folks he left in Afghanistan hoping to survive and escape probably haven’t slept well this week either.”

“The country is being mean to me… I need my ice cream and my meds.”

“Biden been on a looooonnnnnggg weekend since 1973” 

“I can think of many reasons he cannot sleep.”

“Dementia patients always want to go “home” and feel safe. His wife is a monster”

Biden is not ready for this job and is no longer qualified. But now, thanks to his ineptitude, people’s lives are in direct danger because of this buffoon.

He should stay in Delaware and should not think of returning anymore.

Source: Wayne Dupree

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