Joe Biden Was Asked An Innocent Question And He Lost It Like A Maniac!


Joe Biden has been heavily criticized for his eligibility to run the office.

Well, he is a scary old man who often coughs at his press conferences and mostly makes his audience uncomfortable watching him.

Recently, Joe Biden has lashed out at a reporter who questioned whether his administration is offering to give cash payments to some illegal migrants and refugees.

At his age, Alzheimer’s has been feasting his mind causing his mental awareness to lose its composure.

Previous reports have confirmed that the United States will give a $450k compensation to illegal aliens who have crossed our borders. That’s a hefty amount of money just to be given away to illegal migrants who have violated our laws. Wow.

The payments are reportedly part of a settlement for families separated when they illegally crossed our border.
But what’s more bizarre is that how Joe Biden have reacted to Fox Reporter Peter Doocy’s follow-up question regarding the President’s compensation to illegal migrants. He showed exactly how he is not capable of handling his presidency duties.

Watch it here:

Joe Biden has acted really ‘off’ when he was just being questioned either his claims were true as to every time Biden talks, the White House Spokesperson have to track his footprints to clarify everything he has stated. What a jerk president, right?

Should we be trusting an old man with bad dementia for our future?

What do you think about this?

Source: Wayne Dupree

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