HA! Jen Psaki Has Messed Up And Said The Quiet Part Into A Giant Bullhorn!


It seems that many Americans are really taken aback by how radical the Democrat Party has become. Maybe after this, we will exactly know what we’re dealing with.

It’s Official the asylums were run by the inmates now.

Under Obama, the radicals started to become somewhat “Mainstream,” but they were still fairly low-key by “radical standards.” At that point, they were still considered “fringe”.  Sure, they had a lot of influence and drove much of the agenda, but it was definitely on the “down-low,” and hidden from the American people. It’s been a gradual takeover, but it’s been very deliberate and obvious if you’ve been paying attention.

I always think of “Sugar-coated communism” in this current administration.

During Trump’s rise to power, a big change happened. Everyone in the Dem party was running around like chickens with their heads cut off, that even the most “normal” of Dems felt so lost, the Dems was in such total disarray. They turned to the loudest voices for help, guidance, and hope– and those loud voices were the “radicals.” They were blindsided.

“Average Dems” got scared and scooted over and allowed these Marxist loons to drive the car – right off the cliff.

Many of the party’s “normal people” (namely= suburban liberal women) during this time, were “radicalized” by the party’s new communist leaders. AOC, Ilhan, Rashida, and etc.

The Dems have a “radical” problem, it would be political suicide if they shunned the commies, the fringe has taken over, and the party right now is not in a position to cut them loose. That’s where we are right now.

It’s political suicide if they don’t shun them, some would argue and I agree…However, not yet.

They still need the very boisterous crazies to keep their base engaged, even Dems try and create a whole new voting base (illegal aliens, perhaps?), and they know they can’t piss these people off, or there will be hell to pay.

And that brings us to Jen Psaki’s latest comment – or non-comment…

Jen didn’t just say the quiet part out loud – she blew the lid off of it.

When it comes to condemning communism, Jen can’t…because she knows that a lot of the Dems supporting Biden are card-carrying commies.

It’s very scary for Americans to see a US political party afraid to condemn communism.

That should be a “no-brainer” right?

But that’s where we are right now with the Dems. It’s just the reality of who they’ve become, and who they cater to.

Now, I’m not trying to say Dems were “peachy keen” before this – no. But, they’ve never been this outwardly radical as a “party platform.”

The radicals have shifted Dems to a very dark place.

The good news is that the “fringe” is still the minority, even though they’ve radicalized a lot of folks, they’re still smaller than us – they’re just a lot louder.

Sources: WayneDupree, DailyAdvent

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