What Chris Wallace Just Said About Biden Will Send Joe To The Basement!


The Biden administration has been a total mess this year…and what Chris Wallace said, sums up everything.

The number one promoter of Joe Biden for president, Chris Wallace is now turning side… I still can’t believe it.

On Thursday, Fox News’s Chris Wallace joined “The Brian Kilmeade Show” to weigh in on this idiotic Democratic talking point that the president’s Build Back Better agenda “costs zero dollars.”

With what he said about “costs zero dollars”, I’m now with Wallace; it is the dumbest thing ever said in the White House.

I mean, many Americans will definitely agree with him in regards to his response on Brian’s show.

Chris Wallace said, “I’ve been in Washington for more than 40 years and this might be the dumbest spin line I’ve ever heard, that a $3 trillion bill costs nothing because you’re going to pay for it. I mean, I don’t know, when you bought your last car and you paid for it, did you think, “Well, I got that for free, that costs nothing?” No, you paid for it. So you could say — and I don’t think actually this will even be true – that it’ll add nothing to the debt, but it certainly doesn’t cost anything. It’s not free. It costs whatever it costs.”

That said, this infrastructure will cause inflation moreso, and the middle class will be burdened. The rich will not pay the cost as they have the means to bypass the taxes via loopholes that have not been closed. Lastly, the lower or poorer working people will be harmed more as well. I feel for them.

In 2020 the federal budget was 6.6 trillion dollars. The government collected $$3.4 trillion.

Do you mind telling me how Democrats seem to think they can raise another three trillion dollars from the 1% paying higher taxes? To pay that bill, every working American will have to pay a much higher income tax to offset the debt.

I guess the answer is Marxists are in power. They control the democrat party, the president, schools, media, private companies. There is no longer debate or politics on anything, just raw execution of power. Words are thrown around as tactics to confuse, distract and mislead those that desire to be misled.

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