What The NFL Is Doing To Unvaxxed Players Is Absolutely Sickening!


More than 90% of the Pittsburgh Steelers players have been vaccinated, according to a report by NFL Network, making them one of 19 teams over that threshold as of Thursday.

And they’re applying its incompetence to the COVID-19 pandemic, specifically in terms of its vaccination policy.

According to Mike Florio of NBC Sports, the organization is making sure the unvaccinated players stand out by forcing them to wear yellow wristbands at practice.

Florio said in a post on July 25, “Those who have yet to get the shot will stick out like a proverbial sore thumb.”

The NFL has mandated numerous restrictions for unvaccinated players, under the team’s policy that will be the only qualitative difference between vaccinated and unvaccinated players.

And Players that have gotten one shot or are not within the two-week waiting period after receiving the second shot are not included in the Steelers’ 90% threshold or wristband protocol.

But the NFLPA president JC Tretter ripped the NFL teams that are forcing their unvaccinated players to wear wristbands, calling it an unnecessary move that publicly shames players.

The Cleveland Browns center said on Thursday, “It’s a nonsensical idea.”

“They say they need a differentiator between vaccinated and unvaccinated players. We already have a differentiator. The unvaccinated players need to wear masks. No other sports league uses any sort of scarlet marking or helmet decal or wristband, because they know it’s not necessary and the teams know who’s vaccinated, who’s not vaccinated.” He added.

The Buccaneers are also forcing vaccinated players to wear red wristbands while unvaccinated players wear yellow wristbands in a report by Florio.

Leonard Fournette, who has publicly expressed his misgivings regarding the vaccine, is among in the yellow wristbands.

I do not think unvaccinated people should be treated any differently. Unvaccinated people merely made a different decision than I did, as is their right. This goes for professional athletes too.

The desire to maintain a competitive advantage and prevent forfeits is understandable, but again, the Steelers already have vaccinated more than 90 percent of their players, while Tampa Bay projects to be at 92 percent by Aug. 13.

The added stipulation of the wristbands is little more than public shaming of those who have decided not to receive the shots.

And none of these efforts will help Ben Roethlisberger relearn how to accurately throw the ball more than 10 yards.

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