Geraldo Opened His Mouth About The Border, And Tucker Shut Him Up!


For some people having your age getting older makes you more insane. This is what happened to Geraldo Rivera as he gets older he can no longer stop himself from saying crazy and hilarious words.

In past interviews, he tends to lose his cool and even went mad. But during his recent TV appearance now he looks like a calm lunatic or should I say more like robotic that made me think that might have gone on medication because something seems off. But he’s still this type of idiot no matter how many medications he has done.

During his appearance with The Five, he kept on insisting on all this pro-illegal immigration which is nonsense, and started claiming that a migrant pouring over the border with COVID is just “Zenaphbia” and “fear-mongering.”

Aside from Geraldo, Tucker was also part of the show and while Geraldo was saying and explaining all this nonsense I thought that Tucker will just let him pass and just allow him. But Tucker done made Geraldo couldn’t even answer Tucker’s question.

It started when Geraldo told Carlson he was relieved that he didn’t start the segment by linking illegal immigrants on the border to COVID-19.

Here’s the highlight of their conversation:

Carlson: Why?

Rivera: Because those overblown health fears are the xenophobic reaction to immigrants since the Irish–

Carlson: Are you freakin’ kidding me?!

Rivera: –in the 19th century–

Carlson: Oh spare me. Oh, spare me.

Rivera: The Chinese in the 1880s, the Italians–

Carlson: Sorry, I just threw up in my mouth.

Rivera: [Some said] they were all bringing smallpox, they were all bringing tuberculosis–

Carlson: You know, Geraldo, we live in a country where we are being forced to take a vaccine and some people – newsflash – don’t wanna take, that Americans can be arrested for not wearing a mask because Covid is so serious! But foreign nationals break our laws carrying covid and somehow they’re exempt from the requirements that we live under? That’s not xenophobia. That’s equal application of the law, and it’s not happening now. And it’s an appalling double standard that every American – including you – should be mad about.

Rivera: Well I’m mad about exaggeration and hype.

Carlson: What?! It’s a policy. They are not forcing–look, if you work in the federal government you have to get the vaccine, but if you break our laws as an illegal alien, you don’t? Why don’t you explain why that’s a good idea to me?

Rivera: Well, I don’t think the segment is about me. I would be glad to. Let Jesse be the subject now, and then Greg’s gonna ask you about fishing.

The government’s actions about this new Delta variant are only useless if they still let the border open and keep on welcoming illegal aliens that have not even checked first before going inside the country.

Americans have all the reasons why they are still hesitant to trust and suspicious about the government. It is obvious.

Source: Wayne Dupree

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