Even ABC News Is About To Turn Their Back On Biden!


The Left, out of frustration with the incompetence of the administration, is taking Biden to task over the seesaw effect of its masking edicts.

It’s not that liberal media doesn’t agree with Biden, they’re only upset he is screwing up the message delivery.

The ABC political director and analyst Rick Klein said the Biden administration is sending out “mixed messaging” about COVID-19 guidance and argued that it was a ‘backslide’ from comments the president made a few weeks earlier.

Klein said during Sunday’s This Week, “We don’t know what zone we’re living in or what the mandate’s going to be for indoors versus outdoors, vaccinated, unvaccinated.”

Klein said there had been conflicting advice and that “the science has been changing.”

Last week, Biden announced that federal workers would be mandated to get vaccinated or undergo weekly testing, wear masks and practice social distancing.

Klein said, “Joe Biden told us just a few weeks ago, told the American people, that we were about there, getting our lives back, now we’re seeing this backslide. We’re seeing his advice adjusting. And it is confusing.”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has raised concerns about the new delta variant, which is reportedly more transmissible than other variants.

But Joe Biden has his own lame excused in his own mishandling of the COVID situation by accusing the right-wing sharing misinformation in their social media accounts, the reason why so many of the Americans didn’t get the vaccine because they are hesitant, I don’t know why it’s so hard for liberals to understand why Americans would feel suspicious about this vaccine, sure, some people may be influenced by a meme or a fringe article, but the vast majority of people are put off by Biden and the Dems who have spent the past year politicizing this virus, flip-flopping on issues, spreading misinformation and a confusing message, demonizing people, and getting caught over and over not following the mandates that they enact and force others to follow.

Just like now, when Biden told everyone that if they took the jab, they could remove the mask and go back to normal, he said it would provide “immunity,” when in fact, that’s not true.

He made people believed that they are immune to COVID but they can still infect their loved ones – even if they’re vaccinated. They’re not immune…

Biden just made the entire situation of COVID a circus it gives more confusion, more mistrust, more people seeing this unfold, and saying, “no thank you.”

Everything Joe and the Dems touches turn to crap.

The border is a disaster, the economy sucks, gas prices soaring, crime is off the charts, and now this confusing COVID disaster.

I am convinced that the Dems can’t lead or operator because they’re so politically radical and polarized…and tanks to a flood of questionable “mail-in” ballots, we’re the ones who are suffering through this nightmare.

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