State Department Throws HRC Right Under The Bus! Exposes Dozens Of Illegal Actions By The Disgraced Tyrant


Kiersters Baish – Syndicated Columnist | Opinion| On Monday, it was revealed by the State Department that they have found “multiple security incidents” regarding “current or former employees’ handling of Hillary Clinton’s emails, and that 23 ‘violations’ and seven ‘infractions’ have been issued as part of the department’s ongoing investigation,” according to Fox News. “The information came in a letter to Iowa Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley, who is responsible for overseeing the security review,” reports Fox.

Co-founder/President of conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch, Tom Fitton, tweeted: “Breaking: Clinton email classified material violations confirmed. State Department ‘has assessed culpability to 15 individuals, some of whom were capable in multiple security incidents.”

President Trump weighed in tweeting, “Wow! The State Department said it has identified 30 Security Incidents involving current or former employees and their handling of Crooked Hillary Clinton’s Emails. @FoxNews This is really big. Never admitted before. Highly Classified Material. Will the Dems investigate this?”

Via Fox:

The State Department, calling the matter “serious,” said it expected to conclude the investigation by Sept. 1. The department acknowledged that the probe was unusually time-consuming.

“Given the volume of emails provided to the Department from former Secretary Clinton’s private email server, the Department’s process has been necessarily more complicated and complex requiring a significant dedication of time and resources,” Taylor wrote.

Taylor also noted that disciplinary consequences were pending.

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“In every instance in which the Department found an individual to be culpable of a valid security violation or three or more infractions, the Department forwarded the outcome to the Bureau of Diplomatic Security’s Office of Personnel Security and Suitability (DS/PSS), to be placed in the individuals’ official security file,” Taylor wrote. “All valid security incidents are reviewed by DS and taken into account every time an individual’s eligibility for access to classified information is considered.

7 thoughts on “State Department Throws HRC Right Under The Bus! Exposes Dozens Of Illegal Actions By The Disgraced Tyrant

  1. I don’t think that Hillary wil ever see the inside of a jail. She will continue to beat the wrap(s), or prolong it, in our “LOUSY” court system. She has too many Deep Staters/SWAMPERS working for her. Hell, I believe that she’s not only guilty of TREASON/OBSTRUCTION, but MURDER ALSO. The whole family is so corrupt, they should all be jailed, including her “Howdy-Doody daughter.

  2. So just what is it people expect to see happen? Do you really think Clinton or Lerner will be prosecuted? Come on, what does it take to make people understand that you live in a nation that has a two teared justice system! People like Clinton and her ilk don’t get prosecuted for crimes! The only justice that will come of this is in the court of public opinion and that’s it! Like any of these criminals give a tinkers damn about you or your opinion! You mean nothing, you’re a useless little peon that must obey the laws that they pass to control you, not them!

  3. Wow, the most serious disciplinary action is “separation”? If you or I had done even one, it would be Federal Prison for a decade or two.

  4. There is no hopey changy thingy.HRC will skate unless she gets suicided in an MacBeth moment by Brennan

  5. Justice is not blind. One eye is always open for people like Clinton and her ilk. How does the agency
    suspend someone one that is no longer employed? You are absolutely correct, none of the above will
    be indited, less prosecuted.

  6. I worked in the intel community from 1968 to 1977 and held one of the highest clearances you can get and God forbid if I did 100th of what Clinton has done and wouldn’t be surprised if she is still doing it I would be in jail with no chance of ever getting out. Read the book “The Falcon and the Snowman” and you will understand what I am talking about. Clinton travels a lot overseas and wonder if she has to do what I had to do when I got out of the service in 77 and debriefed because I no longer needed the clearance I had. I had 10 year travel restrictions on me and wonder if she has the same. If I went on a vacation to say the Virgin Islands I had to notify the State Department as to where I would be staying, why I was going, how long would I be out of country, contact information and the list goes on. This whole thing with Hillary to me is a Joke and as a Vietnam Vet my blood boils every time her name comes up. What she did and has gotten away with it is criminal in itself but the people behind it should be held accountable for letting it slip through the cracks. How much more guilty is a person who destroys all of the evidence in the manner in which she did it. Sure she didn’t physically do it but had other people do it for her and they should be indicted and go to trial as well. I know politics are corrupt on both sides of the isle but what the Democratic party has been doing is past ridiculous. I just hope that AG Barr has the balls to ask for indictments on all of these crooks and that includes Obama as he knew everything that was going on period!

  7. Case in POINT; What her and The Puppets G (gullible)-men did AGAINST the country both of them sucked BILLIONS of dollars out of our ATM (Americans Tax Money), and STILL doing it compared to: Paul Manafort, who has NEVER committed treason, yet is being treated as a yellow cur dog by comparison! NOT even being given his RIGHT to BAIL! And, being free until they finish punishing him for NOT giving them dirt on President Trump! Every person who was a devout member of his team has been slandered, punished, debilitated, denigrated, besmirched and lost everything! While THEY have not only survived, but THRIVED! For a “season’! Hell was created for such as them! Satan does use Hillary’s playbook more than his own, because he’s a created being and could never think of all the depraved ideas SHE came/comes up with! But, make NO mistake; The Panderer and the Puppet are going to be astonished at all the ways Satan is going to punish them!

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