Trump’s Speech to Congress Incredibly Well-Received by Americans — Even CNN’s Numbers Are Jaw-Dropping

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What?? CNN actually posted factual numbers that put Trump in a GOOD light!? Whoa…

President Trump gave a speech to Congress and it went really, really well! Even CNN is reporting positive polls on it.

69% of people actually felt more optimistic after Donald Trump’s speech! This is GREAT! Maybe CNN doesn’t want Trump to take them down with the fake news they had been reporting.

From IJR:

Further, 57 percent said they had a very positive reaction to Trump’s speech.

That’s a clear-cut victory for the president, who has struggled with sluggish approval ratings in his first weeks in office.

Trump earned bipartisan praise when he spoke directly to the widow of slain Navy SEAL Ryan Owens, honoring both of them for their sacrifice. 

When I flipped over toCNN to see their commentary….they were trying hard to pick it apart and find the divisive words. Kinda pathetic. It was an honest, sincere and heart felt speech. Loved it!

Best speech I ever heard,100% PRO-AMERICA AND PRO-AMERICAN and yet the Democrats hated it. I guess it shows they are not American minded. Just corrupt Fools who hate America and Trump helping Americans. They are not hurting Trump when they fight against him. They are fighting against America.

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