Nancy Pelosi’s Facial Expressions During President Trump’s Address Were PRICELESS


President Trump rocked his speech to Congress but Nancy Pelosi’s facial expressions are something else!

President Trump made all of the perfect points and raised optimism all over the Country. His speech was nothing but pro-America and pro-Americans. Nancy Pelosi’s face said otherwise.

From Freedom Daily:

Even a CNN reporter chimed in on Twitter, joining the Pelosi Party as people noticed how miserable she was during the Sessions.

It’s a shame that democrats can’t just go with the flow, provide positive ideas, and be part of the solution instead of the problem.

Republicans remind me of adults, democrats remind me of children, and the people of the world are the free thinkers who must choose if they’ll grow up or stay a child.

Unfortunately, you can’t be a five year old in a 30 year old body. You’re just an adult crybaby.

As far as the democratic party is concerned there is no lie, no distortion of the truth, no personal or family attack that is too vile for them. When they have the upper hand they will change the rules to suit their purpose, and then whine like the dogs they are when these same changes are used against them.

They have become what our founding fathers warned us against, a political party so bound up in its own agenda that it becomes antithetical to the liberties which we enjoy as Americans. I accuse the democratic party, its hired agents and provocateurs, and its lap-dog media, of being in open rebellion against the lawful exercise of Constitutional powers and duties by the duly elected president of the United States of America and his administration.

1 thought on “Nancy Pelosi’s Facial Expressions During President Trump’s Address Were PRICELESS

  1. She was probably sleeping with her eyes open! Better yet…..she probably had no clue where she was! I think Nancy Pelosi like to imbibe!

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