BOMBSHELL: Trump’s Next Executive Order Leaked… Liberals PANICKING, PATRIOTS CHEERING


Immigrants who use welfare are now panicking because of President Trump’s newest executive order!

Donald Trump has been promising to undo all of the damage Obama has done to this country since his 2016 campaign.

He has shown us that he is a man of his word! We’ve been seeing executive orders coming out of the White House that hold true to his promises.

The most controversial of them all was the temporary immigration ban. Liberals went crazy accusing him of being anti-Muslim. No liberals, he’s just anti-terrorism! But they don’t get it… They are going to be even more enraged if this report is true.

From Patriot Journal:

However, if one news report can be believed, the president has one planned that will blow that erroneously called “Muslim ban” out of the water in terms of controversy:

Obtained by The Washington Post, the orders would reportedly “deny admission to any alien who is likely to become a public charge” and set up standards for “determining whether an alien is deportable … for having become a public charge within five years of entry.”

A “Public Charge” is a person who receives free government benefits.  This order would also keep illegal immigrants from claiming the child tax credit, even when their children are US citizens.

This will cut down the “incentives” that make immigrants want to stay here illegally and have babies here.

What do you think of an executive order like this one? Please share below!

45 thoughts on “BOMBSHELL: Trump’s Next Executive Order Leaked… Liberals PANICKING, PATRIOTS CHEERING

    1. You are badly misinformed. Obama wrote executive orders to allow illegal aliens to collect Welfare and all other benefits.

    2. The law that you speak of is the McCarran-Walter act of 1952, Harry Truman was president. Carter later used the law to keep Iranians come coming over. Also some Iranian students were deported because of their visitor status.

      1. True, they have no rights, but the Democrats and Lawyers are just ignoring that fact. The Democratic party are the new HOMEGROWN TERRORIST GROUP AND YOU SNOWFLAKES ARE GUILTY BY ASSOCIATION.

    1. I love this idea. They are not entitled to anything but to get the hell our of my country and take your kids with you.

      1. Yes, You are right. But We must understand it’s critical to lockdown down Our borders right now. We are in great danger of increased terrorism attacks. The risk of terrorist using chemical Warfare is very high and probably being brought here already and morre coming! Lockdown all borders. Re-instate what is allowed on airrlines the days following 911! Build wall now. Raise terrorist Alert. Close down and not allow flights into United States frron seria,iraq, iran, Afghanistan, possibly a few more. Close Embassies in the United States from these countries. Plus close Our Embassies in these countries and evacuation of Our people. Stricter enforcement by TSA AGENTS and Homeland Security at all airports regardless of size! Stricter. Patrols of all airports will be tighter; to level during 911!

    2. I’m sorry but everytime I hear about the alien’s benefits, I have to ask what benefits??? That are not even citizens of this country so how can they have the same rights as legal immigrants?

  1. All the Muslims that are coming get a lot of free benefits, but the majority just think that only the people from the Latin countries are getting welfare. At least this people f don’t want to behead anyone.

    1. True. I’ve always felt that way.


  2. I think it is great! I thought the first one and the second one were great too! Keep them from coming and send the ones here illegally back home!

  3. I get free food stamps, free tuition and free room and board. Love that I get all this and not a US citizen! Sucks for the real ones.

    1. you are a fucking free loader you don’t belong in this country you tribute nothing here but a scumbag
      go back to your own country

    2. Just shows how stupid you are to admit it. You should be ashamed of yourself. For every dollar you steal from MY country is a a dollar that is taken away from our elderly and veterans who deserve it. Can’t wait for you to leave.

  4. Free medical too. I have 3 kids in this country. One day I hope they get an education here. Since they were born here financial aid will be beneficial.

  5. More like the truth hurts. I am thankful you pay your taxes. Otherwise I wouldn’t be getting my cut. 🙂

  6. All you people just take the bait,soon they will have no reason to stay,they will catch all the freeloaders,and they will be deported With there children,and go back to Mexico with nothing

  7. I think before anything else we need to know where these leaks are coming from. President Trump needs to keep all his orders to himself and the people he hired and can trust. Don’t advertise or give out any tips about them until they are in place and active. The democrats will be very unhappy but since it’s them causing the problems keep out unless absolutely necessary. Fire all the liberal judges causing problems also. Let them know you don’t obstruct a presidential order or constitutional one and get away with it. Make examples of them. The AG needs to get on this ASAP.

  8. I work hard for my money.i don’t want to pay for people that are not US citizens.i don’t mind paying for US citizens that are working and still need help but only for 6 months. I’m for the travel ban.

  9. I agree these knotheads have had a free ride long enough and the next generation will be free loaders also

    1. He’s probably some idiot white liberal college student just trying to push everyones buttons. They think they are funny. Wait till your in the actual work force and have to start paying taxes and everything else. You won’t be laughing then trust me!!

    2. Did you notice his illegal friends reply posted under his telling him to shut up or they both could be deported?

  10. If ILLEGAL cut off all benefits. ILLEGALS are breathing air in OUR country, which is one benefit too many for me.

  11. Deport them all even the ones born here to illegals. Makes them illegals in my boom. They just undercut our wages and take our jobs and still get welfare because some will work them and pay under the table.

  12. I LOVE it, I wish America would stop all immigration from anywhere, they are coming here for the free ride but they have to vote for democrats, they don’t, but democrats tell them if they want to stay they have to vote for far-left-wing democrats candidates. How to fix it. Stop all immigration especially from the middle east. Stop immigration NOW. Ask any immigrant who they like to vote for, I’ll bet 99.5 % will say democrat, the free ride policy, wake up America.

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