UNBELIEVABLE! Sean Hannity In Total SHOCK After Mike Pence Says THIS About Trump

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Liberal media has been attacking Donald Trump and Mike Pence since before they were in the White House. Pence has had enough and decides to say this to Sean Hannity.

Great Job Pence!

According to libertywritersnews,

Mike Pence just joined Sean Hannity last night to discuss current events. I mean have you seen how the liberal media has been slandering Mike Pence.

Liberals are already attacking Pence for writing this.

Pence got on Sean Hannity and made clear that it was “clearly not a Muslim ban” and “not in any way associated with religion.”

All that crap you heard spewed about this ban from the fake news media.

“On the very day the executive order was implemented … there were hundreds of thousands of people [who] came in from countries all over the world into the United States and, I think, more than 100 were detained for addition questioning,” Pence said.

Mike Pence then said this.

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What do you think about what Mike Pence has to say?


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