Treg Gowdy Just Said Biden’s Court Packing May Be A Blessing In Disguise!


Trey Gowdy, a former Republican South Carolina Representative,  said Thursday that the Democrats’ new court-packing bill was “a gift from God” to Republicans. He has to know it will never pass in the Senate.

It should pass in the House because three Democrats would have to cross party lines and I don’t believe Pelosi would allow that. She wants to wait until Schumer has the votes to get it through the Senate, so it is very possible that there will never be a vote.

Baier began by noting that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had already signaled that she would not support the bill — which would immediately expand the Supreme Court to 13 justices — saying instead that she supported President Joe Biden’s plan to have a commission study the issue.

“Bret, this is a gift from God,” Gowdy said of the bill. “That is the only way to describe it. It has no chance ever of becoming law with the current Congress but it will be used to bludgeon Democrat candidates in 2022 which is why you saw that motley group of only four that can’t even wait for Biden’s commission.”

“So Republicans rejoice that Jerry Nadler is handling strategy for 2022. You are guaranteed to retake the House and the Senate,” Gowdy concluded.

Bret Baier pointed out that in order to pass the bill in the Senate they would first have to kill the filibuster rule and Joe Manchin has insisted that he opposes ending the filibuster.

They will also have to deal with Kyrsten Sinema who also opposed doing away with the filibuster. That too is unpopular with the voters.

“But it all comes as you said it comes down to Joe Manchin. It’s not just Joe Manchin, Kyrsten Sinema opposes eliminating the filibuster, but Manchin is dug in on this issue,” Swan said. “He’s put out an op-ed. He said it a million times on the record I don’t see any sign that he is softening on this issue whatsoever.” Said Axios’ Jonathan Swan.

Sources: Davidharrisjr, Dailycaller

3 thoughts on “Treg Gowdy Just Said Biden’s Court Packing May Be A Blessing In Disguise!

  1. Everyone rejoice because Gowdy says there is no way this can pass. Get comfortable that we are safe. Take your eye off the ball. Then BAM………it’ll be law. All Gowdy ever did, and still does, is TALK. Sure, it was fun when he would say things that conservatives wanted to hear. But what good did any of his TALK ever do? Did he convince even ONE liberal to come over to the other side? Did he bring even ONE criminal from the left to justice? No. It was always fun for conservatives to hear him “own” the jerks from the left, but ask yourself–what did his bantering ever accomplish? Nothing. Talk the talk…… not WALKING THE WALK. Packing the court would be like the final nail in the coffin of America’s freedoms. The socialist/communist takeover will have been completed.

    1. Trey Gowdy was the best person in Congress and did not take money from anyone like all the other corrupt politicians he also lived in his office while serving not in million dollar apartments like most of them have. Your comments about him I strongly disagree with. He loves America and left congress because he could not stand the corruption. He feels congress should serve the people and that is what he did. HE WAS GREAT BUT COULD NOT CHANGE THINGS NOW BUT I EXPECT HIM BACK IF DC EVER GETS RID OF ALL THE CORRUPT STEALING LIEING PEOPLE THERE. HE WOULD MAKE A GREAT SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE BECAUSE HE WOULD ENFORCE OUR CONSTITUTION !!!!!!!

  2. What ifs are fun, I suppose, but what if the current set of communists got the OK to pack the court? What if the power structure suddenly became a constitutional conservative majority before appointments were started, which is very possible and then an almost permanent super majority of constitutionalists were in there for life? In an attempt to further shred the constitution, the exact opposite might take place and the socialists will have unknowingly feathered the nest with their own undoing. The invisible hand that built the republic could mysteriously work that wonder and it wouldn’t be the first time Satan has engineered his own demise.

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