One New Poll Will Bring Woke Companies To Their Knees!


Companies that indulge themselves in “politics” are nothing but a bunch full of hippies trying to ripped America off. Americans don’t want to get their “politics” from people who make fizzy corn syrup water.

They’re designed to keep moving forward like a machine, gobbling up all the power in its path – and there’s no “off switch.” The only way it ends is when Americans tune out. And even then, the left will keep pushing and pushing, until its “host” eventually withers away and dies – at which time the left will leave the carcass, and find another “host” to take over, and the communist cycle continues.

Corporations who indulge in politics are the new “leftist host,” and the mob has taken over the PR/marketing departments of America’s biggest corporations and they’re now pushing the same SJW garbage that got Hollywood and sports in trouble…and as with everything the left touches, this host will also wither away and die.

The new poll was put out by NPR/Maris and it asked a very simple question: Do you support or oppose American companies using their public role, position, or events to influence political, cultural, or social change?

And the response says it all (although, I personally believe the “oppose” number is actually much, much higher):

  • Support 36%
  • Oppose 57%

This new poll should bring the “woke” corporations to their knees – you’ll start seeing a slow shift away from the SJW stuff, as CEOs start to see their bottom lines take a hit.

That’s already happening with Coke, which is now drastically changing its tune about voting integrity.

But the key point here is that Americans don’t want to get their “politics” from people who make fizzy corn syrup water.

Gee, who knew??

It’s a soda company for crying out loud, shut up, and make your carbonated sugar water.

Stick to what you do – make your products and sell your services, and let the people we ELECTED do their jobs.

Sources: WayneDupree, Political Polls/Twitter

2 thoughts on “One New Poll Will Bring Woke Companies To Their Knees!

  1. Woke companies are just stupid liberals trying to make some very lame statement that no one cares to listen to and are completely turned off by their BS

  2. I’m doing my part, no coke for me, won’t fly United or Delta, baseball is out, won’t use Paypal, , no NBA, and on and on. They can all kiss my ass.

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