Top Health Agency Just Admitted What Problems The Vaccine Will Cause!


Europe’s medicines regulator found a possible link between the coronavirus vaccine developed by AstraZeneca and the University of Oxford and rare blood clotting issues — though it said the benefits of getting the shot still outweigh its risks.

It is a global divide and conquer strategy on steroids.  And it is a very dangerous one, especially since all the vaccines are unknowns biological agents.

Most people do not realize that NONE of the novel ‘vaccines’ being administered for the Wuhan CCP Virus are FDA approved or completed with their trials and studies required for human use. Nor do most people realize that NONE of these novel ‘vaccines’ are actually vaccines, but rather experimental biological agents acting in completely different mechanisms than actual traditional vaccines. In fact, globalist politicians actually had to pressure dictionary companies to change the definition of vaccine in order to lie to the public when they say that what they are taking is actually a vaccine.

In short, the whole world’s population is being brainwashed and used as a global set of guinea pigs and lab rats for pharmaceutical companies and politicians under the guise of a virus that kills just 0.003% (worst case) of people it infects.  And, as should be expected, serious side effects are occurring.

A man’s skin peeled off entirely landing him in the ER due to his Johnson and Johnson experimental non-FDA approved adenovirus therapeutic, dubbed a ‘novel vaccine.’

The findings come as a major hurdle in the global fight against the pandemic and a shift in the stance of the regulator, which had last week backed the vaccine and said there was no increased risk of blood clots in general from the shot.

It is also a blow to AstraZeneca, which was a frontrunner in the race for making an effective vaccine against COVID-19 ever since it began working with the University of Oxford.

The EMA’s safety committee, which was assessing the vaccine, has requested for more studies and changes to the current ones to get more information


Sources: Reuters, European Medicines Agency

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