They Opened Their Mouth, And Justice Barrett Shut Them Up Immediately!


On Monday, one heckler attempted to interrupt Associate Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett, during remarks at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library.

While Barrett was answering Frederick J. Ryan Jr., chairman of the library’s board of trustees question about how she and her family experienced when she became aware she was in the running to be nominated by then-President Donald Trump to replace retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy, one female heckler tried desperately to snap photos of her near her home, but she was interrupted by a heckler who blurted out how Barrett was an “enslaver of women.”

Barrett slammed the heckler in a witty way that drew lots of laughs from the audience, “Fortunately, as a mother of seven, I am used to distractions — and sometimes even outbursts.”

Barrett then urged the American public to “read the opinion” prior to making judgments on court rulings.

Watch it here: Reagan Foundation/Youtube 

Barrett said, “I think one of the difficult things that I experienced that I wasn’t really fully prepared for was the shift into being a public figure.”

“Does (the decision) read like something that was purely results-driven and designed to impose the policy preferences of the majority, or does this read like it actually is an honest effort and persuasive effort, even if one you ultimately don’t agree with, to determine what the Constitution and precedent require?” Barrett asked.

She also answered the question about being selected by the former president, “it just happened very quickly,” Barret said. She then added that her hearings had occurred on a “compressed timeline” and that she “was scrambling” to set up chambers, prepare for oral arguments and read briefs.

Barret also provided her comment after being asked if she had any advice for a new justice. She regarded the shift of entering public life.

“I think one of the difficult things that I experienced that I wasn’t really fully prepared for, was the shift into being a public figure,” Barrett answered.

Source: Conservative Brief


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