The Taliban Has Just Hired Bin Laden’s Security Chief!


Remember when Joe Biden said al-Qaeda is gone where he said, “We delivered justice to bin Laden on May 2nd, 2011, over a decade ago. Al-Qaeda was decimated, We succeeded in what we set out to do in Afghanistan over a decade ago, and we stayed for another decade. It was time to end this war.”

But many couldn’t agree on the fact that many of al-Qaeda news all over the internet says they are still there. Even Antony Blikken himself admitted that the group still exists.

You might as well recognize Dr. Amin al-Haq, who served under al-Qaida co-founder bin Laden, being driven around Afghanistan with a Taliban escort. It was not known when the clip was recorded.

In 2008, al-Haq, who was about 48 years at the time, was arrested in Lahore during a special operation by Pakistan’s intelligence and law enforcement agencies. At the time, he was the second top al Qaeda operative to be seized by Pakistani authorities. The first was Mohammed Rahim, who allegedly worked as bin Laden’s driver in Afghanistan.

Al-Haq was held in a prison in the north-western Pakistani town of Peshawar.

In 2011, Pakistan controversially freed him, citing insufficient evidence.

“Amin al-Haq had been arrested mistakenly, therefore, the police failed to prove any charge of his association with Osama bin Laden and the court set him free.”

The newspaper further noted: “Pakistan has a poor track record of convicting terrorists, blamed in part on an ill-equipped police force and an overstretched judicial service. However, critics accuse elements of the security services of turning a blind eye to extremist groups.”

At the time, two senior Pakistani police officials had told US news channel CBS that al-Haq was not a “key player” and “had no information of great value”.

“Eventually there was nothing that could be used to keep holding him in custody,” said one of the officials.

Unsurprisingly, a video is viral right now wherein you can see Dr. Amin is being escorted by the Taliban militants.

Are they trying to give al-Qaeda a safe haven in Afghanistan under their regime?

God bless us all.

Sources: NewsMax, The Print, Fox News

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  1. That’s rich , the clown didn’t keep his buddy Bin Ladin to secure did he ? But hey , makes it that much easier to get the Taliban leaders once we get a real President not a leftist ankle grabber and yes man

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